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Publicly-logged IRC channel: #crimsonfu on Freenode

Our primary means of communication is an IRC channel on Freenode called #crimsonfu that we log publicly because “we live in a world of infinitely searchable micro-content, and every contribution, however small, enriches all of us.”

If you enjoy the topics you see in our logs, you are welcome to join the conversation! The easiest way is via but most of us use desktop IRC clients such as irssi, Pidgin, or Adium or mobile IRC clients such as IRC999 or AndChat.

From time to time, we run a script to back up our logs to which means they’ll be included in a git clone of our website repo for easy offline searching.



See our members page and

About the name crimsonfu

Crimson is the color associated with the school where the founders met (as staff members), but we welcome all comers! We will avoid insularity and hope to slowly attract a diverse membership.

Fu is a nod to and

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