Time Nick Message 00:09 pdurbin so I had lunch with another soccer dad after the game last weekend and it turns out he co authored The Unix-Haters Handbook: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Unix-Haters_Handbook 13:30 pdurbin What should I do if a node.js process keeps dying? How can I start it up again? https://github.com/erming/shout-roadmap/issues/10 14:04 bene_ while loop in a screen session 14:04 bene_ as long as it stays in the foreground 14:04 bene_ if it daemonizes, you need something slightly more complex 14:58 pdurbin hmm. screen session. right now I'm starting it in the background like this: /home/shout/node_modules/.bin/shout & 15:08 bene_ is this for production or dev/testing/personal use? 15:12 pdurbin meh, gray area. if http://chat.dataverse.org is down I have a custom 503 error page that links to alternative ways to join the #dataverse channel on freenode 15:12 pdurbin but it's annoying when that node.js process goes down 15:14 bene_ upstart or svscan or one of the process watcher tools is probably appropriate then 15:15 bene_ http://cr.yp.to/daemontools/supervise.html 15:15 bene_ what OS are you on? 15:19 bene_ there's one that's popular with the ruby crowd, but i can't remember the name of it 15:22 bene_ ooh, you can do it with monit 15:23 pdurbin hmm, supervise seems to be different than supervisor: http://supervisord.org 15:23 bene_ there we go 15:24 bene_ it was supervisord that i was thinking of 15:24 bene_ god also seems popular 15:24 bene_ http://shapeshed.com/managing-unicorn-workers-with-monit/ <- the monit example at the end looks nice 15:24 bene_ ah, and systemd can do it too i think 15:25 pdurbin hmm, that unicorn example reminds me of http://docs.gunicorn.org/en/19.3/deploy.html#supervisor 15:25 bene_ so a bunch of included-with-the-system tools and a bunch more addons 15:25 pdurbin "autorestart=true" 16:23 larsks pdurbin: systemd, with Restart=always (or Restart=on-failure)... 16:23 pdurbin larsks: cool. thanks 16:23 pdurbin it would be interesting to have a log. to know how often the thing has to be restarted 16:53 JoeJulian Google lays down the gauntlet: https://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com/2015/10/sustaining-digital-certificate-security.html 16:57 bene_ "We may take further action as additional information becomes available to us." <- translation: Lawyers, sharpen your knives!