Time Nick Message 20:36 bene_ eat it or wear it! 20:40 pdurbin bene_: heh. seriously though, what's not to like about Gitter? 20:44 larsks pdurbin: the fact that it's a ghost town? Or are people actually using it? I only know about it because I spent a little time looking for "slack" alternatives... 21:11 pdurbin https://gitter.im/deeplearning4j/deeplearning4j isn't a ghost town 21:12 pdurbin larsks: unlike Slack, Gitter can be public, like a public mailing list for an open source project. There's transparency. You can read without joining. 21:12 larsks pdurbin: right, but do you know any projects that are using it? 21:13 pdurbin besides the one I just linked to, I guess you mean 21:13 larsks Oh, I missed that, totally.... 21:13 pdurbin scala uses it: https://gitter.im/scala/scala 21:13 larsks Neat. 21:14 pdurbin IPython uses it: https://gitter.im/ipython/ipython 21:15 pdurbin https://gitter.im/scikit-learn/scikit-learn 21:15 pdurbin https://gitter.im/pydata/pandas etc. 21:49 pdurbin What do folks think of my "if I were the boss" idea for github issues: https://github.com/waffleio/waffle.io/issues/126#issuecomment-149087524 ? :) 21:53 pdurbin "My Ranking" (or whatever)