Time Nick Message 13:29 hydrajump open-source slack alternative self-hosted http://www.mattermost.org/open-source-slack-alternative-reaches-1-0/ 13:47 pdurbin hydrajump: cool. I can't seem to find them on freenode or gitter though. I wonder if they have a presence on either. 13:56 pdurbin ah, they do. they're on gitter: https://gitter.im/mattermost/platform/archives/2015/10/18 13:57 pdurbin makes sense. it's a chat platform after all :) 15:18 bene_______ no mobile clients yet 15:18 bene_______ i was looking at it the other day 15:18 larsks gitter has an irc interface of sorts... 15:18 larsks ...so that could be your mobile client :) 15:21 bene_ it doesn't look like they use gitter at all 15:21 bene_ phil's the only person to have commented in the last month that i can see 15:27 bene_ also it's a chat application, so shouldn't they be dogfooding? 15:27 bene_ gitter strikes me as a service only pdurbin could love :-) 16:04 pdurbin bene_: you don't like gitter?!? why not? :) 19:25 pdurbin I guess I should marry it.