Time Nick Message 14:25 pdurbin are the cool kids using http://prometheus.io these days? please see my comment at https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/2595#issuecomment-148065637 14:27 pdurbin or should I use Ganglia? 14:54 bene what are you trying to do? 14:54 bene just graph stats from the jvm? 14:57 pdurbin stats from glassfish 14:57 pdurbin which runs on the jvm 14:58 pdurbin and in addition to graphing, perhaps an email, an alert, would be sent when a critical threshold is reached 14:58 pdurbin standard monitoring stuff 15:28 bene is this just for you or something you want to bundle with dvn? 15:43 pdurbin we could bundle it. I'll go add it to this: Dataverse Installation Monitoring Functional Requirements Document (FRD): https://docs.google.com/document/d/11YDzhuilIXktld6PSTv3hgcdJyenEBUO-ooUqJlRpbc/edit?usp=sharing 16:20 dotplus ganglia is an older project, which might mean "feels old fashioned" or "mature" depending on your point of view. Comments: 1) it *wants* multicast but doesn't require it 2) it's aimed at collecting standard (system) metrics from clusters (think "grid computing" (remember that?) and/or the HPC world) and it feels like it. 3) It's coming from the metrics end of the spectrum rather than the alerting end, although like most of the tools it can ... 16:20 dotplus ... be made to do the other end than its primary focus. 16:21 dotplus if this is your thing, go for it, it's good stuff. If that doesn't sound like your use case/world, you might find you're trying to use a screwdriver to drive a nail. 16:22 bene yeah, ganglia is probably not a good choice 16:22 dotplus 4) The docs are hidden: https://github.com/ganglia/monitor-core/wiki 16:22 bene grid computing is still very much a thing 16:24 dotplus yeah, that was a joke, because arguably grid computing was never really anything but a marketing term. Until last year, I was supporting various HPC clusters and the country's largest supercomputer 16:25 bene what country was that? 16:25 dotplus usa 16:25 bene i think the grid vs cluster descriptors are somewhat useful 16:25 dotplus titan (ornl.gov) 16:26 bene i.e. single vs multi admin, relative hardware homogeneity vs very diverse, predictable networking vs internet-connected madness 16:26 bene cool 16:27 bene when i worked at HMS we had one of the first biomed applications running on open science grid 16:29 dotplus perhaps they're useful terms. I don't pretend to be a Real HPC person, I was supporting the standard infrastructure there. There were (small) teams for the Cray and for the clusters, so I got exposure to some HPC things, but in many ways it was not that much different any other similarly sized environment from my perspective. 16:39 bene monit looks interesting as a baked-into-the-application-environment monitoring tool 16:39 bene do you provide AMIs or other machine images for dvn? 17:19 bene_______ bummer 17:19 bene_______ lost my nick registration 17:19 pdurbin heh 17:20 pdurbin we need to reboot this conversation. it got cut off here: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2015-10-14#i_11374297 17:21 pdurbin people have asked for VMware images for Dataverse: https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/2280 17:24 bene_______ this feels fake man 17:24 bene_______ it's no longer spontaneous 17:24 bene_______ there's no life to this conversation 17:25 bene_______ we're just parroting lines so the bot can write bits into the magnetic field of the cosmos 17:25 pdurbin heh 17:25 pdurbin I wish I hadn't closed my buffer. I'd just "up arrow" and spew the same lines. :) 17:26 bene_______ 12:38 < dotplus> anyway, to answer pdurbin's real question, he probably doesn't want ganglia. If you know ganglia and know it meets your need, it works, it's mature and extensible with modules (in python or C). If you're looking for a modern, generic approach to threshold-based alerting, storing timeseries data and graphing that data, you'll want to look elsewhere 17:26 bene_______ 12:45 < pdurbin> bene: users have asked for VMware images of Dataverse: https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/2280 17:26 bene_______ 12:47 < pdurbin> oh, and we call it "Dataverse" now. "DVN" is a legacy term referring to the old 3.x version 17:26 bene_______ 12:48 < pdurbin> I only recently learned what a grid is: "We have defined Grids as being concerned with enabling coordinated resource sharing and problem solving in dynamic, multi-institutional virtual organizations." http://www.mcs.anl.gov/papers/P1075.pdf 17:26 bene_______ 12:50 < pdurbin> bene: yes, I'm all for letting people installing Dataverse decide where to dump stats. I'm just 17:27 pdurbin just what? what? 17:27 bene_______ 12:50 < pdurbin> bene: yes, I'm all for letting people installing Dataverse decide where to dump stats. I'm just asking which tool people like. sound like not Ganglia :) 17:27 bene_______ 12:54 < bene> whatever solution you end up with can be the basis for the performance parts of your automated acceptance testing 17:27 bene_______ 12:54 < bene> i would have that be a goal anyway 17:27 bene_______ 12:55 < pdurbin> bene: please hold that thought 17:27 pdurbin well, I don't want to dictate the solution 17:27 pdurbin "you must use ganglia" 17:27 pdurbin I don't care what people use 17:27 pdurbin I just want pretty graphs 17:29 pdurbin and I want people who run our software to easily capture stats if they want to 17:29 pdurbin hence the script I wrote