Time Nick Message 14:38 pdurbin bene: I'm checking out http://www.slideshare.net/datascienceiqss/sliz-2015-dataverse-sb-griddb 14:48 bene 62 datasets? 14:49 pdurbin bene: where are you seeing that? 14:49 bene couting the datasets/beamline graph 14:50 pdurbin ah. I was wondering what a beamline is 14:50 * pdurbin looks at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beamline 14:51 bene https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beamline#Synchrotron_radiation_beamline 14:51 pdurbin ah, thanks 14:52 bene https://store.synchrotron.org.au/stats/ <- the australian synchrotron has been archiving datasets for several years at least 14:53 bene but most of those are not public 14:53 bene https://github.com/mytardis/mytardis <- open source software hosting it 14:53 pdurbin nice. Data stored (at least): 77.0 TB 14:54 bene the US synchrotrons have made some runs at similar projects 14:54 bene i'm not sure how far they have gotten 14:56 pdurbin it's all pretty new to me. interesting though 14:56 bene we had kicked around the sbgrid data bank idea several times over the years 15:00 pdurbin seems like it already exists: SBGrid Data Bank - https://data.sbgrid.org 15:01 pdurbin 119 datasets 15:02 bene yeah, they built it this year i think 15:05 bene interesting 15:05 bene it's restricted to sbgrid PIs 15:05 pdurbin ah. yep. 'A username and password are being requested by https://data.sbgrid.org. The site says: "Dataset depositions are open only to members of the SBGrid Community. To request access to the deposition page, please contact data@sbgrid.org."' 15:12 pdurbin "Transition to a Research Data Management Software" on the slide titled "Challenges" 15:21 * pdurbin leaves a comment: https://github.com/mytardis/mytardis/commit/5a53ee4efe9640c60d139a57b1fd8f016d8ae1b0#commitcomment-13617382