Time Nick Message 14:01 pdurbin bene: http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/researchdataaccessandinnovationsymposium 15:06 bene nice 15:06 bene you gotta diversify your bonds^W^W^Wliberate your data 15:07 bene with opening remarks from the security people 15:07 bene hah 15:08 bene you should invite matt might to come along 15:08 bene he's doing a fellowship at HMS iirc 15:26 pdurbin bene: I sent an email to Amir and Tim: https://rc.hms.harvard.edu 16:25 bene i haven't seen amir in a while 16:25 bene i'm not sure i know tim 16:29 pdurbin bene: http://crimsonfu.github.io/members/tfhartmann 19:17 bene have you met james meickle yet? 20:58 pdurbin bene: me? nope 21:19 bene i think he's newish 21:19 bene he's in the neuroinformatics group i thik 21:52 pdurbin ok