Time Nick Message 04:32 prologic Does anyone here know much about AWS and Public IP Addressing? 04:33 prologic Specifically around releasing an address of an EC2 (that you had no control over); e.g: AWS reboots your instance and it's Public IP Address changes? *Does/Can* that happen? If it does; is it rate? Is it based off DHCP-like technology and DHCP leases? 11:22 pdurbin prologic: semiosis knows AWS quite well 11:23 hydrajump prologic: IIRC if your EC2 instance has an assigned public IP (not an elastic IP which costs money) and you or AWS reboots the instance then the public IP will change. 11:23 hydrajump let me double check 11:26 hydrajump one correction. the public ip only changes when you start/stop **not** reboot! 11:27 hydrajump prologic: "A public IP address is assigned to your instance from Amazon's pool of public IP addresses, and is not associated with your AWS account. When a public IP address is disassociated from your instance, it is released back into the public IP address pool, and you cannot reuse it." 11:27 hydrajump "We release the public IP address for your instance when it's stopped or terminated. Your stopped instance receives a new public IP address when it's restarted." 11:28 hydrajump source: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/using-instance-addressing.html#concepts-public-addresses 11:29 prologic yeah 11:29 prologic that's whay I thought 11:29 prologic so as long as your instance is nailed up 11:29 prologic it's public ip should not change 11:29 prologic So basically in theory what I'm looking to do at work 11:30 prologic is spin up an EC2 in each zone of a region 11:30 prologic they both get a public ip 11:30 prologic and on boot I automatically add the ips into a wildcard record set / zone with a 1m ttl 11:30 prologic possibly with weighted routing? 12:44 hydrajump sounds like you want to use route53 for that 12:45 hydrajump as well as ELBs 12:49 prologic well yes Route53 12:49 prologic but I'm not sold on ELBs per se 12:49 prologic as I plan to use my own load balancer 12:49 prologic haproxy for example 16:27 semiosis prologic: sounds like you want to use an autoscaling group with an ELB in front 16:27 semiosis that will take care of everything for you 16:27 semiosis you can set the AS group to use all the zones and it will keep instances running in there 16:37 semiosis prologic: i'm most familiar with "ec2-classic" but now they're pushing everyone into VPC. i believe with VPC you can control the private IP of your hosts, so you wouldn't need to do any dynamic config (of DNS, for example) for your haproxy 16:38 semiosis another benefit of vpc is access to the latest generation of instances, which give more performance per dollar 18:20 JoeJulian I'm starting to wonder about that last statement. We seem to be having more and more resource starved users on aws in #gluster. I don't know enough about aws to know what to ask though. 20:20 semiosis JoeJulian: can you give me a log link so i can see what you're talking about? also feel free to ping me next time that comes up 20:51 prologic yeah 20:52 prologic I've found in practice that AutoScaling Groups and ELBs don't really scale all that well 20:52 prologic they respond too slowly to load spoikes