Time Nick Message 15:28 skay pdurbin: do you have any nice deployment scripts for snailbot? 15:28 skay pdurbin: we want to have an irc logging instances for a group, but wall it behind ldap or sso 15:41 pdurbin skay: maybe this will help: https://github.com/dvn/iqirclog-vagrant 15:42 skay :) <3 yay! 15:43 skay pdurbin: my friend says thanks 15:43 pdurbin skay: are you going to use snailbot or ilbot? or something else? prologic has a logger 15:43 skay pdurbin: I haven't thought it through entirely. 15:44 skay pdurbin: do you have a recommendation? I picked a bot I've seen channels use and suggested it 15:46 * skay scrolls through prologic's repos on github 15:47 * skay assumes this is the one? https://github.com/circuits/irclogger 15:48 prologic yes 15:48 prologic used to log #circuits, #crux, #crux-devel and a few others 15:48 prologic no fancy web ui however 15:49 prologic http://irclogs.shortcircuit.net.au/ 15:49 prologic You *may* also want to consider kdb (https://github.com/prologic/kdb) -- a highly extensible bot (also includes logging plugin) 15:54 pdurbin skay: here are some IRC logging services I like: http://wiki.greptilian.com/irc/logging 15:56 pdurbin oh, I like these logs too: https://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2015-09-02 . bear knows them 16:00 skay prologic: I'll take a look at kdb. we've got some krufty bots that depend on python things that are really old 16:01 skay https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/IRC#IRC_Bots 16:01 skay not all python. we have other languages. haskell, go, etc. iirc 16:04 prologic skay, cool! please let me know if you *do* use kdb in any way 16:04 prologic it's quite modern and not old at all :) 16:05 prologic it also has an API and Web UI too if that's considered "fancy" :) 16:05 prologic https://github.com/prologic/autodock/issues/1 16:05 prologic err 16:05 prologic https://github.com/prologic/autodock/issues/1 16:05 prologic argg 16:05 prologic ! 16:05 prologic http://kdb.vz1.bne.shortcircuit.net.au/ 16:05 prologic finally! 16:05 prologic stupid copy/paste :) 16:06 prologic http://kdb.vz1.bne.shortcircuit.net.au/api/uptime 16:06 prologic I guess it means that "scripting" kdb is pretty easy too really