Time Nick Message 13:50 tfhartmann does any know know of a kernel parameter that can be passed to anaconda to load a module? I've got an issue where I'm loading the CentOS 6.5 after PXE booting off Mellanox 40g interfaces, the installer starts, but doesn't load the module. I can drop to a shell and load it manually 13:51 tfhartmann thought I'd throw it out to the wild and see if anyone had any thoughts 14:02 pdurbin tfhartmann: hmm, nothing is jumping out at me at http://rhinstaller.github.io/anaconda/ 14:02 pdurbin there's some modprobe stuff at https://github.com/rhinstaller/anaconda/blob/master/dracut/anaconda-modprobe.sh 14:02 tfhartmann yeah, been combing through that page, and a number of others hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel :p 14:04 pdurbin tfhartmann: maybe you can do the install off a "normal" interface and then switch to the Mellanox one later. 14:16 bene loadmodules=mod1,mod2,mod3 on the kernel command line maybe? 14:22 tfhartmann is there a loadmodules parameter? That would be awesome! 14:22 tfhartmann 14:22 bene it's not in anaconda though 14:22 bene it's a kernel parameter in grub/pxe land 14:23 bene so like: kernel /path/to/vmlinux loadmodules=mod1,mod2 14:23 bene in the pxe config 14:23 bene i may not be understanding where you're getting stuck 14:24 bene since you can pxe boot off the mellanox interface? 14:24 tfhartmann man that sounds exactly like where i'm getting hung up, I'll give it a try and report back. :) 14:28 bene http://distro.ibiblio.org/fatdog/web/faqs/boot-options.html <- search for loadmodules 14:28 bene i have no clue what fatdog is 14:29 bene maybe that's not legit at all, but it looks like linux to me 14:32 tfhartmann LOL I just finished a test using "waitdev" to see if that would work too 14:39 tfhartmann aww loadmodule=mlx4_en didn't help :/ 14:43 pdurbin bene: you're fired 14:48 pdurbin ;) 14:53 pdurbin tfhartmann: I take it that's what you're using when you drop to a shell 14:54 tfhartmann yeah just doing a modprobe mlx4_en to load the module from the shell 14:58 pdurbin tfhartmann: what about doing the install on another interface? 14:59 tfhartmann yeah, I think thats where I'm headed, do the build off a 1g interface then down it post kickstart :/ 15:00 pdurbin yeah 15:01 pdurbin could ask some people who have that mellanox adapter what they do