Time Nick Message 00:24 prologic so this is all about public GPG right? 00:24 prologic I don't even have a key 00:24 prologic what is this thing useful for in practical terms? 00:24 prologic I tried to use it once or twice; but yeah *meh* :) 00:40 pdurbin prologic: I'm wondering what it's useful for too 00:44 prologic yeah 00:44 prologic I know what it is ofc, etc 00:44 prologic but yeah practicality; some opinions from others; experience 12:50 pdurbin larsks: you're in my answers: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/17368/how-do-i-tell-which-gpg-key-an-rpm-package-was-signed-with/22802?noredirect=1#comment378073_22802 :) 12:50 larsks Yeah, I spotted that :) 12:54 pdurbin good comment 16:23 semiosis the original PKI linked keys to email addresses. keybase.io is PKI using twitter/github/domain/etc as identity 16:56 pdurbin "I think spammers got my email address from the PGP keyserver. What can I do?" https://pgp.mit.edu/faq.html 19:51 melodie hi 20:44 pdurbin melodie: hi 20:44 * pdurbin looks at the time ... gotta pick up the kids 20:46 melodie hello