Time Nick Message 14:16 dotplus perhaps a bit basic for most folks here, but for the areas you're not familiar with, some of these might be good starting points: https://www.bento.io/grid 14:25 pdurbin I'm not sure I'd call sublime "foundational". Nor terraform, whatever that is. 14:40 dotplus yeah, I would object to some of the categorisations, but it looks like a promising list. 14:41 dotplus "json" is "database"? err, no. 14:41 dotplus s/list/source/ 14:57 pdurbin oh sure, it's a good list 15:16 bene they should just put the word "opinionated" in the description 15:16 bene then it's totally defensible because everyone is entitled to their crappy opinions! 15:26 dotplus ha 15:57 westmaas seems like foundational means infrastructural in that list - if you stretch your mind to include an editor as infrastructure to code writing 16:18 * pdurbin stretches his mind 16:41 * dotplus yogas his mind 19:30 semiosis anyone want a keybase.io invite? have two to give out 19:55 bene yes, please 19:55 bene bene@klatsch.org if you still have one 20:38 semiosis bene: sent 20:39 bene thanks! 20:43 semiosis you're welcome 23:41 prologic semiosis: yes please 23:41 prologic @shortcircuit.net.au