Time Nick Message 21:38 melodie hi 21:39 pdurbin melodie: hi 21:39 melodie hello pdurbin 21:39 melodie I have read your posts on google+, I hope you are keeping on well after your recent family events 21:40 melodie pdurbin sorry for your loss 21:41 pdurbin you know, I'm really inspired by how self-taught my grandfather was. and he was a hacker, in his own way :) http://thedurbins.com/papa/obituary 21:45 melodie yes, I read that from you (the part where he repaired his car on the side of the road is admirable) 21:47 melodie you have a nice family 22:41 pdurbin melodie: yep. thank you. what's new with you? 22:44 melodie pdurbin a few things, bentovillage.me is starting to born, bento openbox is available as trusty 14.04.3, and some events around the (small) family of mine going on. nothing too interesting on that side atm. 22:45 melodie pdurbin the relevant links are on bentovillage.org to point to the bento-dev project, and I am going to give up on microca.st, and put all notes from there to bentovillage.me/todo where I'll use the P2 theme of wordpress 22:47 melodie good evening!