Time Nick Message 05:51 Azgarech Hello all 08:07 Azgarech Hi all 08:08 Azgarech I am going to setup a linux bridged machine to do analysis of the traffic generated by my users in preparation of a network separation 08:08 Azgarech do you know any tools to do so before I gonna look around and/or create Iptables specific script? 09:36 prologic Don't you want to port mirror instead? 09:36 prologic and perform offline analysis of the traffic 09:43 Azgarech For now I thinked to put a machine in bridge mod with ntop and Iptables in Logging 09:47 prologic in order for that to work hwoever 09:47 prologic your machine would have to route the traffic 09:48 prologic which makes modifying your network slightly 09:48 prologic I'd just mirror the port traffic 09:52 Azgarech for now I don't get any troubles in my virtual creation 10:49 prologic oh this is virtual 10:49 prologic okay :) 22:28 melodie good night