Time Nick Message 09:43 Azgarech hello all 09:43 Azgarech I am looking for the equivalent of nagstamon but for Shinken 09:43 Azgarech does anyone of you know something like that 12:45 dotplus for anything like that my first stop would be to look in omdistro.org 12:53 dotplus anyone know of a firefox extension that is able to tell which tab is chewing through all my cpu? 13:03 Azgarech I got Everything what I need to give me a visual on a TV 13:04 Azgarech I need just a plugin like nagstamon to can have a visibilité and ring on my desktop without having the need to keep an eye on a webpage or the TV 13:05 Azgarech but I can't find anything about it 14:23 dotplus FF40 has (will have when it's released) about:performance which sounds like it might tell me which tab is killing my cpu