Time Nick Message 05:54 Azgarech Good Morning/Evening (depending of your time zone) 06:03 prologic Afternoon even 06:06 Azgarech :) 09:48 prologic https://twitter.com/therealprologic/status/628140384011489280 10:27 prologic http://www.ru.j-npcs.org/usoft/WWW/LJ/Articles/unixtenets.html 10:51 Azgarech nice prologic 10:52 Azgarech I am looking for a torrent tracker dedicated for the sharing of linux iso 10:52 prologic hah thanks :) 10:52 Azgarech I want to upload on it the is of Viperr 7 10:52 Azgarech some user with crape connection would like this feature :) 10:52 prologic say what? :P 10:52 prologic I don't understand 10:52 prologic haha 10:54 Azgarech I will try to make myself clear :) 10:54 Azgarech I am one of the maintener of Viperr a remix of Fedora using Openbox 10:55 Azgarech some of our users requested a sharing of the iso by torrent 10:55 Azgarech I am looking for a tracker for help the sharing of the torrent. Using only DHT node is not very effective over internet 10:56 Azgarech I don't want to put my torrent on website like the piratebay and so, not very classy 10:56 Azgarech I was expecting to find a specialised tracker for linux distribution 10:58 prologic ahh I see 13:40 larsks Azgarech: there are sites that cater to "legitimate" torrents. Maybe http://linuxtracker.org/? 13:41 larsks Azgarech: Also, it looks as if ibiblio.org has a tracker that can be used by open source projects, based on this ticket: http://answers.ibiblio.org/questions/133/upload-permissions-request.html 13:44 Azgarech I found the first link. 13:44 Azgarech but the FAQ is near a black hole 20:55 prologic http://highscalability.com/blog/2015/8/3/seven-of-the-nastiest-anti-patterns-in-microservices.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HighScalability+%28High+Scalability%29