Time Nick Message 09:59 Azgarech hello 11:02 pdurbin Azgarech: hi 15:36 melodie hi 15:38 melodie pdurbin I have tested microca.st with pump.io since 2 days and I realized only now that the posts are not public and not possible to setup the account to make them public. So I wonder if another place where simple notes such as this could be found? 15:38 melodie does anyone know about Gnu Social for instance? How are the servers? 15:38 melodie https://gnu.io/social/try/ 15:58 pdurbin melodie: sorry, distracted. thinking about my grandfather: https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/627860764385280000 16:14 melodie hello pdurbin 16:17 melodie pdurbin this is a very moving article, with some pain in the heart and many nice words 16:17 melodie perhaps could he recover? 16:17 melodie this is my wish for him and for you 16:55 pdurbin_m melodie: thank you 16:56 melodie pdurbin_m sure 17:08 pdurbin_m melodie: it's odd that you can't make public posts at https://microca.st/melodie . should work. 17:10 melodie I'd like to know how 17:11 melodie well it could as well be a bug there are a bunch of them on their repos 17:11 melodie and pull requests too 17:11 pdurbin_m hmm. yeah, could be 17:12 melodie I have sent a mail to the adress mentioned on the server's website page to ask how to get a public publishing 17:17 pdurbin_m sounds good 17:20 melodie I put up this page today: http://bentovillage.org/ 17:26 pdurbin_m melodie: very nice! 17:27 melodie thanks. :) 17:31 hydrajump Disabling referers in Chrome: 17:31 hydrajump sed -i -e 's/^{/{"enable_referrers": false,/' ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Preferences 17:39 pdurbin_m hydrajump: for better privacy, I suppose 17:42 hydrajump yep I saw it in my twitter feed from infosec people 17:46 pdurbin_m ah 18:08 hydrajump https://twitter.com/jschauma/status/606563001303334912 20:27 pdurbin hmm. ok 21:54 pdurbin http://www.cultofmac.com/384074/36-empty-imac-boxes-taped-together-human-imac-hamster-wheel/ 21:57 melodie pdurbin this one is fun! 21:59 pdurbin :) 22:02 melodie have you seen the survey for a future Retro Thinkpad? 22:02 melodie I have completed all of 4 surveys 22:03 melodie pdurbin see here Retro ThinkPad Lenovo revival - http://forum.linuxvillage.org/index.php/topic,719.0/topicseen.html 22:14 melodie good night