Time Nick Message 10:50 pdurbin mhayden: https://www.twilio.com/blog/2015/07/how-to-protect-your-android-device-from-stagefright-exploit.html 11:49 mhayden pdurbin: thanks for that, but i'm on CM 12.1 -- it's been patched for ~ 2.5 weeks 12:11 pdurbin mhayden: I should have picked your brain about CM over dinner. I assume you were running it then. 12:11 mhayden it's quite good 12:12 mhayden i used to say "i won't buy non-Nexus androids" 12:12 mhayden but now i saw "i won't buy androids that can't run CM" 12:12 mhayden s/saw/say/ 12:12 pdurbin gotcha 14:50 hydrajump Is CM a specific Andriod version? 14:51 hydrajump "Cookie Monster" version? 15:03 pdurbin c is for cyanogen (sp?) that's good enough for me. m is for mod 15:03 pdurbin searchbot: lucky cyanogen mod 15:03 searchbot pdurbin: http://www.cyanogenmod.org/ 15:11 mhayden pdurbin: well played 15:35 pdurbin I guess I'm happy enough with the vanilla Android on my Nexus 5. 15:35 pdurbin even if I have to wait longer for security patches 16:00 hydrajump I'm happy with my iPhone :P but was just curious about CM 16:04 larsks Hah, the former NetApp sales rep for Harvard just joined Red Hat :) 16:08 pdurbin larsks: is there a tweet about it? 16:10 larsks pdurbin: nope, just saw some email... 18:10 pdurbin pic is used for http://www.catb.org/hacker-emblem/ but what's a more modern pic? 18:25 larsks pdurbin: svg? 18:26 pdurbin larsks: by hand? 18:27 larsks Maybe? 18:28 larsks This is not by me, but it's pretty simple: http://chunk.io/f/c6db5da37a7c47d1b83ae702e1840527 18:28 pdurbin I want to create an architecture diagram in vim and then run it through something to make a PNG. 18:28 pdurbin sivoais: and not with that tool you used. I didn't like how the "source" looked for the input file. 18:28 larsks Huh. Maybe stick with pic? 18:29 larsks I usually use graphviz for graph-type things, but that's not really suitable for architecture diagrams. 18:29 pdurbin larsks: who wants to write xml (svg) by hand. nobody! :) 18:30 larsks Well, it helps when you explain what exactly you're trying to do... 18:30 larsks For architecture diagrams, I usually throw up my hands and use dia, inkscape, or even google draw. 18:31 larsks (Usually saving them as svg, which version controls nicely, and using a makefile to generate any other formats that I need) 18:33 pdurbin yeah, I might have to throw up my hands too 18:34 larsks Just write raw postscript? :) 18:36 pdurbin sounds fun 18:38 pdurbin I've had some luck with http://search.cpan.org/dist/App-Asciio/lib/App/Asciio.pm :) 18:38 larsks In a similar vein, are you familiar with http://asciiflow.com/? 18:39 pdurbin yeah, was just going to link to that. thanks 18:42 pdurbin hmm, maybe http://plantuml.com/imgp/component_004.png 18:43 pdurbin from http://plantuml.com/component.html#Component 18:45 pdurbin we're already using plantuml at https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/tree/master/doc/Architecture 19:09 pdurbin yeah, this might could work: https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/commit/2ed629b 19:10 pdurbin larsks: what do you think? 19:11 melodie hi 19:12 larsks pdurbin: ++graphviz :) 19:13 melodie are there people interested in exploring a framework which is lightweight and comes with a light lib? I don't know anything about coding (just ideas about it, not much). I have met recently with a lib which also comes with a coding framework : do you know about IUP ? (I compiled it in a vm when it was the 3.4 now is the 3.5 with fixes) 19:13 pdurbin larsks: hmm? you like graphviz instead of plantuml? 19:13 larsks pdurbin: no, I like that you are using dot + plantuml -graphvizdot. 19:13 melodie don't know coding : not that I would not like to learn, but it needs actually more time than I can use, at least yet. 19:13 pdurbin oh oh. sure :) 19:14 pdurbin melodie: hi! what is IUP again? 19:14 larsks is that http://sourceforge.net/projects/iup/ ? 19:14 melodie hi pdurbin, how are you? I'll show the link to you and give an example of a program done with it 19:14 melodie I don't know about sourceforge but I know the website of the project: 19:15 melodie http://www.tecgraf.puc-rio.br/iup 19:15 melodie and here is a program I have been using in Archlinux, built on IUP: 19:15 melodie https://github.com/maoserr/redshiftgui 19:15 melodie and here is what it looks like in the X session: 19:16 melodie http://maoserr.github.io/projects/redshiftgui/ 19:17 melodie as I would like to get redshiftgui into Debian and Ubuntu and the others later, I noticed IUP isn't in the Debian repositories, so I started to work on the idea from the bottom : compile IUP, which needed help from upstream, and very nicely the author sent me mail after mail back to help me. he also used my feedback to correct what needed to be fixed. 19:18 melodie finally I got the two parts compiled and ready to work. then I had issues with redshiftgui sources compiling and didn't go further yet because I had other things to take care of more urgently. 19:19 melodie yet it's not forgotten! 19:20 sivoais pdurbin: tikz can work, but has a steep learning curve 19:21 sivoais it is very much a modern pic 19:21 pdurbin larsks: if you're involved with jboss/wildfly (or not) I'd like to pick your brain about how to make javaee apps easy to install and configure. perhaps via yum 19:21 pdurbin sivoais: is that what you were using? 19:21 larsks pdurbin: nah, I'm mostly a Python person. 19:22 larsks ...although I do quite a bit of packaging work, so I might have opinions on that side of things. 19:23 pdurbin larsks: ok, well, `yum install dataverse` would be cool. I could even try to get it in fedora :) 19:24 pdurbin but I don't know how many javaee apps can be installed via yum 19:24 pdurbin let's call them wildfly apps 19:27 sivoais pdurbin: no, that was xfig. TiKz is made to be written by hand. It's an embedded language for TeX 19:31 sivoais melodie: I had seen IUP before. Someone had put together Perl bindings for it. Looks neat. 19:37 pdurbin sivoais: ok but hmm, I don't like the markup at http://www.texample.net/tikz/examples/ so much. plantuml is much easier on the eyes: https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/blob/2ed629b6aa8ca1f3a312a3f786021b6e5e003ff4/doc/Architecture/components.uml 19:40 melodie sivoais do you think it's as light as the project website says? 19:41 melodie larsks what do you package? for Fedora? 19:45 sivoais melodie: it seems very lightweight, but I have not tried coding with it. I'm building it now. 19:45 sivoais It's certainly much more lightweight than Gtk+ or Qt. 19:47 melodie sivoais while you do build, do you think later you could teach be a few things about how to use it? (it says it's easy to use for coding, but I have never coded, just tried to follow a few lessons on the web, fast caught back by the daily needs and other more immediate projects) 19:48 melodie just a question... you can say "no, I don't have teaching skills!" XD 19:48 melodie (for instance) 19:51 melodie ? 19:51 melodie sivoais how is the build going? Does it work for you? 19:52 sivoais hmm, it seems to have had an error... let me take a look 19:53 sivoais ah, I see. This library just wraps around the native libraries 19:53 sivoais so on Linux, it uses Gtk+ 19:53 sivoais but I don't have the headers for that installed 19:57 sivoais melodie: let me get back to you in a few hours. I have to step away for a while. In the meantime, maybe you can make a list of what you want to use coding for. That can help narrow the focus. :-) 19:58 melodie sivoais it's 22pm here, (France, South) if I'm not here anymore I'll be back at some time in the future days 19:59 melodie sivoais if you need help with the build, please take note, the dev upstream is very helpful and responds very fast 19:59 sivoais ah, well. Then I'll catch you later. I'm in the south of the USA 20:00 sivoais thanks, I'll see how it turns out. I just installed the Gtk+ headers 20:01 melodie sivoais ok south US, good. I can visit you some day? :D 20:02 melodie you have horses around to ride, don't you? :D 20:02 sivoais hahah, not personally! But there are lots of rodeos! 20:02 melodie (it's late here, excuse my joyfullness) 20:03 melodie I don't do rodeo, I'd kill myself. just riding for walks with quarter horses or apaloosa would be nice :) 20:17 Azgarech Hello everyone 20:18 Azgarech melodie invite me to come over here 20:18 melodie hi Azgarech 20:18 melodie Azgarech works with the Viperr team : Fedora with Openbox! 20:18 Azgarech apparently there is a bunch of adminsys who script around here. quite my taste 20:19 melodie Azgarech who code 20:19 melodie http://crimsonfu.github.io/ 20:23 Azgarech my apologies 20:26 Azgarech http://viperr.org the website of our project 20:57 pdurbin Azgarech: welcome! 20:57 pdurbin Azgarech: what part of Viperr do you work on? 20:58 Azgarech Mostly the rpms 20:58 Azgarech but also scripting and testing 20:58 Azgarech we are two behind the project so a lot of work have to be done and shared 20:59 pdurbin cool. I ran Fedora for years 20:59 pdurbin mhayden runs it. others here maybe. larsks perhaps 21:00 Azgarech I really like Fedora but I don't need all stuff of Gnome-Shell 21:00 Azgarech I like it K.I.S.S 21:00 melodie pdurbin we might team up around the Openbox respective parts of our projects 21:00 Azgarech I will love it 21:01 mhayden i use gnome 3 but i only have chrome, terminals, thunderbird open 21:01 Azgarech I really think we can create a big move around Openbox environment 21:01 pdurbin yeah, I'm not sure about gnome 3 21:02 melodie Azgarech have you seen the wiki page I put up around Openbox branded distros? It's in French now, but slystone might translate it to the English side of the wiki soon 21:02 * larsks admits to a Fedora habit. 21:02 Azgarech can you give me the link to this page 21:02 Azgarech I am not sure to have seen it 21:03 melodie yes of course, http://wiki.linuxvillage.org/doku.php?id=fr:configuration:gestionnaire_de_fenetres 21:04 melodie hopefully we will soon have it also in English, linked from here: http://wiki.linuxvillage.org/doku.php?id=en:start 21:05 Azgarech I may work on it if you want 21:05 pdurbin melodie: openbox is what you use in bento? 21:05 Azgarech scuse my French, but my English is not that bat 21:06 pdurbin yeah, openbox in bento: https://gitlab.com/groups/bento-openbox 21:06 melodie pdurbin yes sir! 21:06 pdurbin I guess I'm waiting for Fedora and Ubuntu to improve their default GUIs. Not that I'm in a huge hurry. 21:07 melodie pdurbin here is a description of the last uploaded: 21:07 melodie http://linuxvillage.org/en/2015/07/bento-openbox-trusty-soon-final/ 21:07 melodie and I'm about to upload the final, right now 21:08 Azgarech melodie can you give me the text who need to be translated ? I way give some time on it and some English's natives will be able to correct it after 21:08 Azgarech http://www.estcequonmetenprodaujourdhui.info/ 21:08 pdurbin Should Fedora and Ubuntu switch to Openbox as their default GUI? 21:09 mhayden that'd be a change ;) 21:09 Azgarech melodie this shouldn't be put in production 21:09 Azgarech not yet 21:09 Azgarech never on Friday 21:09 pdurbin mhayden: have you tried Openbox? I haven't. 21:09 Azgarech pdurbin: I love the idea that yoou expose here but it may never happen 21:09 mhayden i have -- and fluxbox 21:10 Azgarech people need interface who thinks for them not the opposite 21:10 melodie I have been told fluxbox and openbox have the same need in resource : one as light as the other 21:11 melodie Azgarech Bento Openbox brings comprehensive UI to their desktops 21:11 melodie I have installed it to a bunch of end users, and they have been fine with it ever after 21:12 melodie the only questions they need to ask me once a while is related to the change between Windows and GNU/Linux, nothing very difficult to adress (it is in the range of GNU/Linux, or it isn't, depending on the related device, such as some cheap Tomtom GPS for instance) 21:13 Azgarech We try to keep VIperr for advanced user 21:13 Azgarech behind only two behind he project is not helping 21:13 Azgarech we don't want to spend our time to help newbies 21:14 Azgarech not that we don't like it ( penthium2 is a linux teacher) 21:14 Azgarech but we just don't have time for it 21:14 melodie I aim the people who don't want to learn computing but want to use it, the ones who have machines suffering with a Windows OS, and the advanced users who want to have a reliable system to do stuff, and see later for customization. 21:15 melodie I use it with services I make the users pay for as well. 21:20 Azgarech mhayden pdurbin what are your inux attractons? 21:20 Azgarech s/attractons/attractions/g 21:24 pdurbin Azgarech: attractions? Why do I use Linux? Because I love open source. 21:25 Azgarech :) 21:25 Azgarech fair enough 21:26 melodie pdurbin and you are also an infinite source of leads in the matter, I must say, I would bring people here just for that reason 21:28 pdurbin heh 21:32 melodie pdurbin ie: Azgarech does Fedora packages, but he needs to get help to improve his packaging, this is one of the reasons why I invited him here. I think he could find good people to help him with his learning curve? 21:43 Azgarech I just started since the viperr6 version 21:43 Azgarech we were using stupid tools for it before 21:43 Azgarech I wanted to make it more clean and right 21:44 Azgarech now I try to make it Fedora friendly package 21:44 pdurbin melodie: sorry. cooking dinner 21:44 Azgarech but it's sometimes hard to keep the requirements with patch and so . 21:44 Azgarech cooking is good 21:45 melodie pdurbin have a nice meal! "bon appetite" 21:45 Azgarech :) 22:04 pdurbin Azgarech: sure, I've written a few .spec files for RPMs. others here have too, I'm sure 22:13 Azgarech http://labo.azgarech.org:8080/azgarech/RPM-V7/tree/master/SPECS 22:13 Azgarech mine 22:14 Azgarech I am going to perfect it in a few weeks 22:15 melodie Azgarech Unit193 has tought me the secret of a real Openbox session !! 22:15 melodie (while looking at your spec files, thinking… ) 22:15 Azgarech so tought me it 22:15 melodie I can't yet, it needs an updated xsettingsd package 22:15 Azgarech I have to make it more similar one an other 22:16 Azgarech I try a few way to make it 22:16 melodie so you can start a new spec file for xsettingsd perhaps? 22:16 Azgarech now I have to make it right for echa of them 22:16 melodie believe me on word, his method is perfect, clean and lean. 22:16 Azgarech if you give me the source and how to compile it of course 22:16 melodie Azgarech you might want to check if there is a xsettingsd package in Fedora 22:17 melodie here is the patch https://github.com/derat/xsettingsd/commit/b4999f5e9e99224caf97d09f25ee731774ecd7be 22:17 Azgarech xsettingsd.x86_64 : Provides settings to X11 clients via the XSETTINGS specification 22:17 Azgarech there is 22:18 melodie the patch is very recent 22:18 melodie and is the main piece allowing to create the real session (while using a light tool) 22:19 Azgarech I may have a look at it on sunday 22:19 melodie you will get that by reading the text at the top of the page 22:19 Azgarech my Girlfriend start to look at me like I should stop with computer or she gonna me it fly 22:19 melodie I have redone Unit's packages with the "dpkg-repack" tool provided in his distro 22:20 melodie aha 22:20 melodie sure, go take time with your lady. that's normal. 22:21 Azgarech good night/afternoon/morning all ( still don"t know your locations) 22:22 melodie :) 22:22 melodie pdurbin is in Boston! 22:22 Azgarech .time boston 22:23 Azgarech arf my bot is not here, I am stupid 22:23 melodie get out! your lady waits! a shame really! :D 22:23 Azgarech see you all 22:23 Azgarech xsettingsd.x86_64 : Provides settings to X11 clients via the XSETTINGS specification 22:24 melodie leaving too, good night/evening 22:33 pdurbin Azgarech: you can send your bot in here if it isn't annoying :) 22:35 pdurbin we only have two bots in here: ilbot3 and searchbot 22:35 pdurbin I don't think JoeJulian counts. 22:43 JoeJulian :P