Time Nick Message 01:26 prologic I had a look at my customers' instances this morning 01:26 prologic each container averages ~16-30MB of memory utilization 01:26 prologic so yeah 01:27 prologic there is no way my customers are going to pay $16 for their hosting vs. $5 08:42 hydrajump prologic: have you looked at what it would cost you to run your service on DO or AWS and whether charging $0.10 per container would even cover the cost of operating the infrastructure+support etc? 09:22 prologic good question 09:22 prologic I presently run everything on DO anyway 09:22 prologic I have 2 customers hosted on DO 09:22 prologic and usually run my own stuff too on there; but atm I'm not 09:23 prologic But yeah I'm typically running anywhere from 8 to 12 containers on various hosts 09:23 prologic so at $0.10/month that works out to be quite cost effective 09:25 prologic both customers are running 8 containers each on $5/month DO vms 09:25 prologic so that's about $0.62/month per container 09:25 prologic much less than Joyent's $2 per container per month minimum 11:55 hydrajump I've never used DO, but I was thinking that if you were going to do this on AWS probably worth considering using their ECS service. 12:06 prologic AFAICT using ECS is not more advantageous than using regulsr Docker 12:06 prologic and/or with Docker Compose 12:06 prologic I think ECS just works nicely with the rest of the AWS API(s) 12:06 prologic The way I run things at the moment is with DO instances and autodock 12:07 prologic See: https://github.com/prologic/autodock-paas 12:07 prologic which (btw) works remarkably well :) 12:07 prologic I believe a few other companies have started using autodock internally as well 12:35 pdurbin searchbot: lucky aws ecs 12:35 searchbot pdurbin: http://aws.amazon.com/ecs/ 12:35 pdurbin ah. "Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) is a highly scalable, high performance container management service that supports Docker containers." neat 12:56 mhayden pdurbin: feels like i need a Ph.D. to use it though 12:56 mhayden i'm waiting to see a container mgmt platform that doesn't feel like that ;) 13:02 pdurbin heh 13:02 pdurbin mhayden: maybe try prologic's thing 14:04 hydrajump mhayden: doesn't rackspace have a docker service :P 14:04 * mhayden winks 22:24 prologic openshift 22:24 prologic :P 22:34 pdurbin prologic: had you heard of openshift before I dropped that link at http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2015-07-29 ? 22:35 prologic yes :) 22:35 prologic Just wasn't aware they were rewriting it to obd Docker native 22:36 pdurbin yeah, me neither. it used to be in Ruby. looks like the rewrote it in Go for version 3 that supports Docker 22:42 prologic seems that way yeah