Time Nick Message 00:46 prologic So guys... 00:46 prologic I was just chatting to Joyent about their Docker/Container based hosting services 00:46 prologic and their pricing model 00:46 prologic This is the 4th company I've seen now that offer Docker-based hosting services 00:46 prologic at a price point IHMO that is not attractive enough to move away from traditional VM hosting + Docker 00:47 prologic Basically the TL;DR is this 00:47 prologic Joyent: $2/month for 128MB RAM, 2Gb SSD that runs 1 (one) single container 00:47 prologic Digital Ocean: $5/month (running Ubuntu+Docker) with 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD that can run dozens or more containers 00:48 prologic I'm a big proponent of Docker and Containers as you all know; but I'm sick to death of these new hosting/service companies popping up all over the place offering Docker-centric hosting services with no competitive price point advantage 00:48 prologic I want to do something about it I think 00:49 pdurbin http://shortcircuit.net.au/~prologic/blog/article/2015/03/24/a-docker-based-mini-paas/ :) 00:50 prologic Right 00:50 pdurbin prologic: instead of $2 for should Joyent be charging $1 for the same service? 00:50 prologic You think I should build one? 00:50 prologic Would anyone else be interested in joining my efforts?\ 00:50 prologic No even less 00:50 pdurbin 50 cents? 00:50 prologic $0.10 even 00:50 pdurbin heh 00:51 prologic Because containers are all about microservices 00:51 prologic and small processes 00:51 prologic a typical piece of software might let's say 00:51 prologic have a task processora 00:51 prologic a database 00:51 prologic an storage container 00:51 prologic a web app backend 00:51 prologic and frontend 00:51 prologic and a load balance 00:51 prologic see where I'm going? 00:51 prologic at $2/month per container 00:52 prologic this starts to to become ridiculously expensive 00:52 pdurbin a bit off topic but Discourse is so heavy it requires a $10 Digital Ocean VM rather than a $5 one. not sure how it does on containers 00:52 prologic and that just runs 1 app/website/whatever 00:52 prologic Ahh really? 00:52 prologic that's disappointing 00:54 pdurbin "The default of 1 GB RAM works fine for small Discourse communities. We do recommend 2 GB RAM for medium communities." https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md . the 1 GB is $10 00:54 pdurbin the 2 GB one on digital ocean is $20 01:00 prologic geez 01:00 prologic wtf is this shit written in? 01:00 prologic Oh 01:00 prologic Ruby 01:00 prologic enough said 01:01 prologic so I guess one of our #openknot high-level goals will be memory footprint and resource utilization 01:01 prologic which I think we're on the right direction and architecture to achieve 01:03 prologic anyway back to my Docker-based hosting convo 01:03 prologic let's see 01:03 prologic http://cadvisor.vz1.bne.shortcircuit.net.au/containers/ 01:04 prologic here's cadvisor; resource monitoring tool on my desktop at home 01:04 prologic that runs quite a few containers 01:04 prologic and what I do development on obviously 01:07 prologic So I'm running 8 containers 01:07 prologic Let's see how much each are using in terms of memory 01:07 prologic prologic_hello_1 = 13MB 01:07 prologic Oh and ay Joyent's (and others) pricing 01:07 prologic that's $16/month already 01:08 prologic broker_smtpd_1 = 23MB 01:12 prologic prologic_autodock_1 = 30MB 01:12 prologic prologic_autodockhipache_1 = 16MB 01:12 prologic prologic_autodocklogger_1 = 14MB 01:13 prologic prologic_bitlbee_1 = 6MB 01:13 prologic prologic_cadvisor_1: 37MB 01:13 prologic prologic_hipache_1 = 182MB 01:13 prologic Have I made my point? 01:14 prologic the only container that I'd want to run ona larger instance is hipache 01:14 prologic everything else can fit all together into a 128MB instnace/vm 01:24 pdurbin sounds like you're better off with a VM to run Docker on 01:35 prologic At this point ; yes 01:35 prologic Do you think we could realistically fix the situation? 01:35 prologic Even if we built some software and infrastructure around other cloud hosting? 01:45 prologic I've just spun back up my circuitsaddressbookmvc demo 01:45 prologic circuits_circuitsaddressbookmvc_1 = 26MB 02:25 pdurbin nice 11:56 hydrajump prologic: it's probably quite an undertaking to create the service you are suggesting. Where would you plan on hosting said service? 12:59 mhayden pdurbin: yeah, that android vuln is scary 13:00 pdurbin don't give out your phone number 13:09 mhayden pdurbin: oops 13:13 pdurbin :) 18:08 hydrajump I always thought that when you calculated the checksum of a file, e.g. openssl sha1 myfile that the checksum was a representation not only of the content of said file, but also the file's timestamp and filename. 18:09 hydrajump Apparently the checksum is calculated only from the file's content. 18:13 pdurbin that sounds right. an md5 of the content. nothing to do with timestamps 18:15 hydrajump I just thought for some reason that if you have two files with the exact same contents but different timestamps the checksums would differ, but I guess that would make it difficult to compare files 18:16 pdurbin sure would 18:17 pdurbin hydrajump: you *might* be interested in this: http://guides.dataverse.org/en/latest/developers/unf 18:19 hydrajump pdurbin: interesting thanks. 18:25 pdurbin sure 19:14 hydrajump I have two directories A and B. Both contain .txt files and A has less files than B. What I'd like to do is see if the filenames in A exist in B. 19:14 hydrajump I have this so far find . -maxdepth 1 -name "2014*.txt" -exec basename {} \; 19:15 hydrajump that gives me the filenames inside each directory that I'm interested in comparing 19:15 hydrajump Now I could redirect to two output files and then do a diff or something, but I'm wondering if there is a way that I can change the -exec to do the comparison 19:16 hydrajump So I've run the above find in dir A and saved the output as namesA.txt 19:16 hydrajump then I tried to use this 19:16 hydrajump find . -maxdepth 1 -name "2014*.txt" -exec grep ~/namesA.txt {} \; 19:16 pdurbin hydrajump: reminds me of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/68372/what-is-your-single-most-favorite-command-line-trick-using-bash/164795#164795 19:16 hydrajump from inside the B directory but that grep is not working 19:17 pdurbin diff <(ls dir1) <(ls dir2) 19:19 hydrajump pdurbin: YES! 19:19 hydrajump thank you that's exactly what I wanted 19:19 pdurbin :) 19:20 pdurbin good old process substitution - http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/html_node/Process-Substitution.html 21:21 prologic hydrajump, DO, AWS? 21:44 pdurbin prologic's basement 23:31 prologic lol