Time Nick Message 14:58 pdurbin bear: now that I'm actually on that server with the weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key in Server Key Exchange handshake message I'm realizing that https is being served by glassfish, not apache. Glassfish 4 15:07 bear I have never used the modern versions of Glassfish and my foray into JavaDocs trying "glassfish ssl configuration" was yielding nothing 15:10 pdurbin you know what? I'm pretty sure this server is just oddly configured. Gonna try to get it back to a more normal config. sorry for all the noise 15:11 pdurbin ok. yeah. back in business 15:12 bear no worries :) 15:20 * pdurbin sends the all clear 15:22 bear \o/ 15:23 pdurbin bear: thanks again. much appreciated 15:23 bear anytime