Time Nick Message 02:56 bene i wonder if we can build a reasonable mailing list server on a t1.micro instance 02:57 bene postfix+mailman+apache deployed via an AMI or an ansible playbook or something 03:52 mhayden hydrajump: i haven't 10:20 pdurbin bene: plus some sort of spam filtering 10:21 pdurbin bene: that reminds me. I'm not going to bring a lunch today in the hopes of meeting up. 11:41 hydrajump bene: could also look at this https://github.com/baudehlo/haraka-mailinglist 12:48 bene pdurbin: sounds good. let me know time, place 15:08 pdurbin bear: please check out http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2015-07-10#i_126020 by dotplus 16:15 bear exciting pdurbin - thanks 16:16 pdurbin bear: I thought you'd like that :) 16:16 bear totally :)