Time Nick Message 14:39 pdurbin on centos apache (httpd) makes used of setuid, right? I was looking for a good reference for this for https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/1934#issuecomment-119988778 14:47 pdurbin I poked around at init scripts but couldn't find anything using setuid. 15:57 bene it's not setuid 15:58 bene the process that binds to 80/443 is run by root 15:58 bene it passes the connection to the non-root children 15:58 bene and spawns more children in response to load demand 16:01 bene i think the only reason it requires the initial root process is to bind the ports under 1024 17:14 hydrajump https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/slidenjoy/slidenjoy-double-or-triple-your-screens 19:18 pdurbin bene: yeah, that makes sense, no setuid. and if you run `ps` you can plainly see that one httpd is running as root. on centos anyway. I guess this is a good explanation: http://serverfault.com/questions/355223/centos-httpd-running-as-both-root-and-apache-user/355230#355230 19:28 bene yeah, you can run entirely without root as long as you aren't binding ports < 1024 19:28 pdurbin it reminds me of how sendmail runs as root 19:31 bene i have not run sendmail for anything serious in 15+ years 19:31 pdurbin I was about to add "if anyone remembers sendmail" 22:11 pdurbin_m Is there a place that offers free hosting for mailing lists AND data liberation (ability to download the archived messages)? 22:18 hydrajump pdurbin_m: maybe http://librelist.com/ 22:32 pdurbin_m hmm, rysnc. nice 22:37 hydrajump mhayden: have you used alpine? If so what do you think compared to debian/ubuntu? 22:47 pdurbin hydrajump: what am I doing wrong? I'm trying to do this, for example, to rsync email from a random list: rsync -azv librelist.com::archives/attic/2015/06/28/queue 22:48 pdurbin that is, I'm trying to follow http://librelist.com/help.html ... does it work for you? 22:53 hydrajump I haven't tried. I just recalled librelist as a possible answer to your question, but I have no experience using it :( 22:54 hydrajump is it possible that you can't do it with someone else's list? 22:57 hydrajump pdurbin: old issue https://github.com/mitsuhiko/flask/issues/682