Time Nick Message 13:49 pdurbin Google seems a bit tone deaf about trust: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=500922#c6 13:51 pdurbin unless I'm reading this wrong, Chromium downloads a proprietary binary blob 13:51 pdurbin see "2. Downloading a binary blob into an open source application" 14:19 mhayden pdurbin: thanks again for making the trip for dinner last night! 14:19 mhayden i need to find another bowl of chowdah 14:19 pdurbin mhayden: now you're addicted! :) 14:20 mhayden well that cup last night was quite good 14:20 mhayden i went on a hunt for breakfast this morning and every place was packed 14:20 mhayden boston folks get up early 14:28 pdurbin my family let me sleep in because it's Father's Day \o/ 14:28 pdurbin but usually they get me up at 6 without fail 14:31 mhayden my kids called me early 14:31 mhayden so i got the breakfast and weather report from back home 14:33 pdurbin heh. yeah, it was a nice night out so I walked to where the T is above ground. this was before the tropical storm hit 14:34 mhayden oh it rained last night? :) 14:34 mhayden i must have fallen asleep quickly 14:34 mhayden i walked through the light rain this morning 14:35 mhayden from the weather map, this looks like the remnants of TS Bill 14:40 pdurbin ah