Time Nick Message 00:22 prologic pdurbin, should be fine :) 00:22 prologic Heroku is just as good as any other PaaaS :) 00:23 pdurbin prologic: trouble is, I've never used Heroku. I have played with OpenShift at least 00:28 prologic alternatively use Digital Ocean + Docker + autodock 00:29 pdurbin that sounds like maybe too much fuss 00:30 pdurbin it's funny how it all comes down to familiarity 00:30 pdurbin that's Rich Hickey point with simple vs easy 00:30 pdurbin 's 00:36 pdurbin I hear Heroku is expensive. I wonder if it's worth it. 01:35 pdurbin bene: are you up for geeking out at all this weekend? gonna try to meet up with mhayden if we can so we can trade more stories about westmaas ;) /cc ironcamel 01:37 bene i'm camping this weekend 01:37 bene and convening with some other geeks on sunday night i think 04:35 prologic pdurbin, would you like me to show you how easy my alternative approach really is? 04:35 prologic I'll demo it off live :) 11:14 pdurbin prologic: that might be useful. however, I should probably better explain what I mean by easy. some of this comes down to dev vs ops and who is resposible for what. I'm kind of assuming your approach means that dev (you) is responsible for everything, that you are also ops, basically 11:19 prologic this is true in general; yes 11:19 prologic but the solutions I build can also be used by just ops quite easily 11:19 prologic albeit I generally don't provide webuis or guis 11:19 prologic just simple interfaces and tools 11:20 prologic If you've read my blog post before: http://shortcircuit.net.au/~prologic/blog/article/2015/03/24/a-docker-based-mini-paas/ 11:20 prologic it's really as simple as copying that docker-compose.yml snippet 11:20 prologic and running docker-compose up -d 11:21 prologic the next thing I'm building (not yet published/released) is a tool to help orchestrate docker machines and services/containers 11:21 prologic that uses both docker-machine and docker-compose together in a single declarative way 11:29 pdurbin prologic: I'd be curious to hear what tasks would be the responsibility of dev vs ops 11:31 prologic well I believe the two should be as simple as easy other I think 11:31 prologic I'm a developer but I do operating as well and vice versa 11:31 prologic I've been (so far in my career) as much of a developer as a sysadmin/networkadmin/operations person 11:32 pdurbin prologic: you're saying you want both roles to be easy. dev and ops. sure. sounds good. but the roles are different 11:32 pdurbin who does what? 11:33 pdurbin in your docker model? 11:34 prologic https://github.com/jimmyshen/sunset 11:34 prologic this is really cool 11:34 prologic ahh that's true I guess 11:34 prologic but I guess what I'm really saying is that to be a good developer you have to be a good operations person and vice versa 11:35 prologic I think the old model of developers develop software 11:35 pdurbin oh absolutely. that's what this channel is about! 11:35 prologic then palm it off to another team to deploy 11:35 prologic is broken 11:35 pdurbin "ops problem now" 11:35 prologic exactly 11:35 prologic it's that kind of mentality that has caused a lot of poorly written software 11:35 prologic and poorly deployed systems 11:35 pdurbin yep, yep 11:35 prologic software and deployment *should* be living breathing systems 11:36 prologic hence the dev+ops culture I think 11:36 pdurbin yep 11:36 prologic so think there is no distinct lines so to speak 11:36 prologic the lines are very much blurred 11:36 pdurbin well 11:36 pdurbin the other day I started making a list 11:36 prologic http://aroberge.blogspot.com.au/2015/06/generating-mazes.html 11:36 prologic this is also a nice read 11:37 pdurbin trying to think through if dev or ops is *primarily* responsible for things on my list 11:38 pdurbin someone (or some team) has to own each responsibilty (primarily at least). it shouldn't be squishy 11:38 prologic well yeah 11:38 prologic yeah I dunno 11:38 pdurbin dev and ops shouldn't be fighting about "I thought you were responsible for that" 11:38 prologic I'm in two minds about that 11:38 prologic on one hand it's hard to let go of the "red tape" 11:38 pdurbin there should be clarity 11:38 prologic and to try to keep the lines separate 11:38 prologic on the other IHMO I think it's better tthat all are responsible 11:39 prologic I think a lot of this can be solved with good/better communications? 11:39 prologic rather than strict bureaucratic processes? 11:39 prologic think about the ways in which many open source software projects and systems develop, thrive and continue to grow 11:40 prologic often with crazy limitations to resources and man power 11:40 prologic :) 11:40 pdurbin I'm not talking about bureacracy. I'm just talking about a list of responsibilities that has dev or ops next to each bullet point 11:40 prologic ahh k 11:40 prologic but this kind of thinking assumes a difference between a person that can be in a dev role or ops role? 11:41 prologic or have I misunderstood that? 11:42 pdurbin I'm almost embarrassed to share the list because it's pretty old school. not very devopsy :) 11:42 pdurbin maybe I could clean it up and throw it in a google doc or something 11:42 pdurbin and allow comments 11:43 prologic github it 11:43 prologic inline core-review style commenting 11:43 pdurbin heh. I guess I could stick it somewhere under https://github.com/crimsonfu/crimsonfu.github.com 11:45 pdurbin maybe a branch would be best 11:45 prologic *nods* 11:47 mhayden pdurbin: i could do some geeking 11:48 pdurbin mhayden: I was looking at the weather. too bad it looks a bit rainy sunday night. I was thinking I could bike over to hynes, give you a hubway fob, and then bike over to grendels 11:48 pdurbin searchbot: lucky boston hubway 11:48 searchbot pdurbin: http://www.thehubway.com/ 11:49 pdurbin prologic: so maybe the branch will contain a future blog post by me 11:49 mhayden i thought "hubway fob" was something i needed to look up on urban dictionary 11:49 pdurbin once it's been peer reviewed :) 11:50 pdurbin mhayden: heh. there's also a bus that goes right down mass ave (#1) or the T 11:51 mhayden gotcha 11:52 prologic pdurbin, sounds good :) 11:53 pdurbin mhayden: so if we're going to grendels sunday night we should ping codex 11:55 mhayden okay, there's a dev nation shindig that night 11:55 mhayden not sure on timing 11:56 pdurbin can anyone go to dev nation? 12:10 pdurbin mhayden: I'd go to anything with "dev" in it :) 12:13 mhayden i think registration shot up to 750 for 2 days :| 12:16 pdurbin yikes! 12:16 pdurbin what am I made of money 12:20 mhayden hah 12:20 mhayden it was ~ 200 before 12:20 pdurbin mhayden: I've been cleared for whatever. lunch, coffee. I can come to hynes. we'll bring the party to you if you want :) 12:21 pdurbin (might be a party of 2) 12:41 mhayden okay,will let you know when i get there 12:41 mhayden boarding now 12:59 pdurbin safe flight! 13:00 pdurbin I could use some help with naming a project: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2015-06-20#i_121593 13:57 pdurbin is there a free online tool that lets people suggest names and everyone gets to vote? 14:03 pdurbin or maybe it would be called a polling tool 14:07 hydrajump pdurbin: http://strawpoll.me/ 14:13 pdurbin hydrajump: yeah? you like that one? never heard of it 14:13 pdurbin is anyone able to create a card here? https://trello.com/b/9oNykDM3/addressbookmvc-rename 14:19 pdurbin hydrajump: strawpoll doesn't seem to allow the public to add suggestions to the poll 14:28 pdurbin maybe http://shapado.com would work 15:04 hydrajump pdurbin: I've never used strawpoll just something I've come across and made a note. 17:26 codex pdurbin: cant' this sunday, but i'll definitely join you some week 17:26 codex next few weeks are out -- still dealing with selling a house, etc. 18:45 pdurbin my wife wants to buy a bigger place 19:33 melodie hi 19:35 melodie pdurbin there has been a forum "change era" each year since 2013, I'm watching one of the latest videos, perhaps of 2015. While I'd love to share it here, I have to warn it's all in French. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qovluEnSFB8 19:38 mhayden stuck in baltimore... 19:39 mhayden broken lav on the plane :( 19:47 melodie hi mhayden 19:48 melodie as long as you're not in the plane when it breaks.. ? 21:21 pdurbin melodie: forum change era? you mean people upgrade from SMF to Vanilla to Discourse? 21:33 melodie pdurbin not quite, they do the revolution everywhere from the inside out 21:33 melodie disruption they say, innovation, improve, upgrade... the society 21:34 melodie in school, in enterprise... 21:47 pdurbin melodie: but you really mean forum software? 21:50 melodie no not software, a large meeting irl 21:50 hydrajump for anyoen interested in learning Swift https://medium.com/ios-os-x-development/apple-has-published-a-great-free-learn-to-code-course-for-swift-on-github-feb5e4d70691 semiosis maybe for you ;) 21:50 melodie pdurbin http://www.forumchangerdere.fr/ 21:56 pdurbin oh, a real forum :) 22:13 pdurbin hydrajump: can you please try adding an idea to this http://www.tricider.com/brainstorming/35DVEKere5x ? 22:13 pdurbin (or anyone) 22:16 hydrajump pdurbin: done 22:21 pdurbin hydrajump: thanks!