Time Nick Message 18:21 hydrajump really silly but what does "OH:" mean at the start of a sentence, e.g. in tweets? Is it an abbreviation or the same as "oh" ? 18:31 dotplus overheard? 18:31 dotplus dunno. I don't use twitter, but that's how I would read it in orc 18:32 dotplus err, irc 18:34 hydrajump dotplus: thanks that makes sense :P 18:34 hydrajump I couldn't find it in urban dict for some reason 18:35 dotplus fts usually has a minimum length > 2 18:35 hydrajump too many of these abbreviations used today to keep up with 19:23 codex pdurbin: sounds good. I"ll join you some sunday 19:26 bene yeah, that's my 'hood 19:33 pdurbin bene: so you're in too? 19:33 pdurbin too late for larsks apparently :) 19:34 larsks Yup. 20:08 pdurbin codex: cool. I'll try to steal away some sunday. will let you know 20:09 bene ping me when you're going 20:09 bene i can't this sunday, but i'm usually free at that time 20:09 bene and i'm a night owl