Time Nick Message 00:24 pdurbin searchbot: lucky tarsnap 00:24 searchbot pdurbin: http://www.tarsnap.com/ 01:44 mhayden hydrajump: i have once or twice... now i just use duply/duplicity 01:45 mhayden lots of cheap backends there 10:43 hydrajump mhayden: so was your choice to not use tarsnap based on its cost and dependency on aws? 12:04 mhayden i can't remember the cost differences but i just felt like my data was more accessible if i used duply/duplicity with another storage backend 12:04 mhayden emailing someone to clear out a backup for me feels weird in 2015 12:04 mhayden i generally use rackspace cloud files (i'm biased) or google cloud storage for my duplicity backups 12:04 mhayden google's reduced redundancy is ~ $0.02/gb IIRC 12:05 mhayden https://cloud.google.com/storage/pricing $0.026 for regular down to $0.01 at cheapest 12:06 mhayden although the nearline comes with some hazards -- they don't expect you to touch it regularly 15:09 pdurbin bene codex larsks: let me know if you'd like to go with me to this someday: http://wiki.mako.cc/Grendel%27s_Den_on_Sundays 15:19 hydrajump mhayden: yeah I'm still on the fence regarding tarsnap. I'm primarily looking for an open source backup solution for Mac OS X to off-site cloud storage preferably AWS S3. Finding such a solution is not easy that has security and privacy in mind. Tarsnap's security looks to be very good from what I've read, but as you said there are things I'm not super keen on. Ideally a FOSS client for OS X which backups 15:19 hydrajump up to my own AWS S3 account using strong encryption and possibly deduplication would be awesome. 15:36 mhayden yeah, privacy and integrity are huge for me 15:36 mhayden that's why i leverage duply/duplicity since 1) they're open source 2) they use GPG for verification/signing/encryption and 3) they give me plenty of options for storage backends 15:37 mhayden plus i can change backends anytime if i really want to just by migrating the data and changing configs 15:38 bene "Our meeting time is officially 9:00 but it's not usual for nobody to show up before 9:30." 15:39 bene so that means they are punctual? 15:50 larsks pdurbin: that's almost past my bedtime on Sunday :) 15:50 bene benjamin mako hill sounds very familiar to me 15:51 bene i wonder if he's related to the gweeps 17:11 hydrajump mhayden: what OS do you use? FreeBSD? 17:36 mhayden mainly linux 19:29 * pdurbin had mhayden pegged as a BSDer ;) 19:34 bene his blog is mostly linux stuff though 19:39 pdurbin just kidding. he's forever talking about selinux 20:29 mhayden pdurbin: i see what you did there