Time Nick Message 14:15 bene https://github.com/dellis23/disrupt <- awesome 17:01 dotplus what's the website for tech/FOSS/whatever conference video? I think remember finding a video site that is specifically for video of tech conference presentations, but my search fu is failing 17:18 bene almost everything ends up hosted on youtube or vimeo i think 17:18 bene but there's some aggregator website that you've seen? 17:39 dotplus there is, but I can't remember what. 19:00 bene funny 19:00 bene i search for the leap second timer bug fix commit hash: 6b43ae8a619d17c4935c3320d2ef9e92bdeed05d 19:00 bene and crimsonfu is 2 of the 10 listings on the first page of google 19:00 bene more actually. 4/10 23:02 hydrajump anyone used tarsnap?