Time Nick Message 13:24 bene pdurbin: did you try their software? the link above doesn't give very much insight into it 13:40 pdurbin bene: nope. in the paper they talk about how an empty reply is like a "+1" 13:40 bene i was wondering about the signalling mechanism for some of the features they are talking about 13:40 pdurbin and how you can send an email to a subset of the group for feedback and approval before having it go to the full list 13:41 bene that sounds like a misfeature to me 13:41 pdurbin I like how it says "A mailing list designed to reduce noise and encourage sharing" at https://github.com/haystack/mailx 13:42 pdurbin in the paper they talk about how people hold back 13:42 bene that's as much about the community as it about the technology 13:42 bene solving people problems with technology only sorta works i think 13:43 bene what score/categories do you read slashdot at? 13:43 pdurbin all software is social 13:43 bene heh 13:43 bene you've been reading foucault! 13:45 pdurbin "these days, almost all software is social software" http://www.jwz.org/doc/groupware.html via http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/09/podcast-69/ 13:46 pdurbin I read slashdot religiously for maybe four years and then abruptly stopped 13:46 bene yeah 13:47 bene 98/99 to about 2004 for me 13:47 bene then RSS took over 13:47 pdurbin I used Google Reader religiously for about a year. 13:48 bene it was several years for me, then a year in the woods while figuring out how to replace it 13:48 bene feedbin + reeder is a really nice combo 13:49 pdurbin I feel like enough good stuff comes to me from channels like this and twitter and google+ 13:49 pdurbin and podcasts 13:49 bene i don't google+ 13:50 pdurbin I never got into hacker news. 13:50 bene and podcasts don't really fit my life right now 13:51 bene yeah 13:51 bene a bit of reddit 13:51 bene and only the hackernews stuff that gets heavily promoted via rss/twitter 13:51 pdurbin never got into reddit. I'm kind of anti-forum, I guess 13:53 pdurbin murmur is one of the projects from http://people.csail.mit.edu/karger/ 13:53 pdurbin I feel like I should see if he's giving a talk some day or something. 13:54 pdurbin Amy X Zhang on Twitter: "Read our Haystack blog post written by @karger and I on mailing lists' staying power and what they can teach us: http://t.co/3MBl4DvzIm" - https://twitter.com/amyxzh/status/595584585112506368 13:55 pdurbin http://haystack.csail.mit.edu/blog/2015/05/05/mailing-lists-why-are-they-still-here-whats-wrong-with-them-and-how-can-we-fix-them/ 13:56 bene i don't think they can do it 13:56 bene not building on top of email 13:57 bene which means it's going to end up as another random web forum app 13:58 pdurbin yeah 13:58 pdurbin it's tough 13:59 bene the list app could accept emails in any format and strip out the content/body and then wrap it in some custom HTML that would preserve context/formatting and enable some links for the +1 and filtering options 13:59 bene but then you're stuck with HTML email 13:59 bene which as a mutt user, i personally hate 14:00 pdurbin I feel like we could still go a long way toward improving discussion online. 14:00 bene although i guess it would be possible to have the 'w3m -dump' output be usable 14:04 pdurbin they seem to say you can use any client 14:05 bene in-band signalling by adding custom headers or specially formatted text lines/subjects is probably not going to be successful 14:05 bene that's my gut feeling 14:08 pdurbin yeah, only power users will use the special tag things 14:09 pdurbin but you know, it's fine that new IRC users don't know that you can emote 14:12 pdurbin I wonder how well one can interact with Discourse via email. 14:14 pdurbin "To respond, reply to this email or visit https://meta.discourse.org/t/configuring-github-login-for-discourse/13745/7 in your browser." 14:15 pdurbin should work sounds like 14:22 pdurbin had our first conference this week by the way. went very well: https://twitter.com/hashtag/dataverse2015