Time Nick Message 12:08 pdurbin just picked up my tote bag: http://www.centerdigitaled.com/events/Harvard-University-IT-Summit-2015.html?page=agenda 12:44 dotplus have fun 13:13 pdurbin I'll bring my laptop it case it isn't ;) 13:26 bene ooh, get me one 13:27 pdurbin heh 13:35 bene heh, piotr got an sbgrid presentation on the slate 13:42 bene lastpass for everyone? 13:42 pdurbin meh. symmetrically gpg-encrypted file for me :) 13:49 bene okay, but you're a geek and presumably anal enough to have good habits around key management and tmp files for editors and all the rest 13:49 bene it's not reasonable to ask all staff to do that 13:50 pdurbin all the staff people I asked to do that no longer hang out in this channel but semiosis knows them :) 13:51 bene it's more interesting to me that huit security presumably vetted a bunch of password managers and picked lastpass 13:51 bene good advertising for them 13:53 bene also, gpg as a technology is incredibly useful 13:53 bene and as an implementation, sucks donkey butt 14:03 larsks bene++ re: gpg implementation. A constant source of frustration for, like, 20 years. 14:19 pdurbin these people are trying to make it easier: https://botbot.me/freenode/opensourcedesign/2015-04-20/?msg=37035853&page=1 19:55 larsks pdurbin: that looks like a pretty sketchy page. It looks like one of the hundreds of other "...the goal of this project is to..." web pages that litter the graveyards of the web :). And they have a link to a nonexistent twitter account. 20:04 pdurbin ! 20:04 pdurbin they mean well :) 20:30 * bene mutters something about the road to hell 20:34 pdurbin :)