Time Nick Message 17:05 JoeJulian Any other bloggers in here (that includes you mhayden), I humbly request you follow my lead at https://joejulian.name and add a link to donate to open licensed cancer research like is being done by Bradner Lab. 17:06 JoeJulian There's a lot of people that wish to thank us for the effort we put in to making their lives easier. Let them thank us by making the world a better place. 17:08 pdurbin JoeJulian++ 17:39 bene jay bradner was a customer of the group i worked for at hms 17:42 bene bummer, no citation in his science paper 17:51 pdurbin no citation or no acknowledgment? 18:10 bene neither! 18:11 bene well, i didn't actually look in the paper 18:11 bene i just downloaded the supplementary section to look at the references 18:11 bene he cites a bunch of software packages which we installed/supported for him 18:11 bene no skin off my nose really 18:12 bene . o O ( think of my h-index though! ) 18:12 bene http://elifesciences.org/content/2/e01456 20:28 pdurbin question from a mailing list I'm on: "Does anyone have any experience using something like supervisord or daemonize to run a homegrown script as a daemon in a *nix environment?" 21:11 bear i've stopped using daemonize once I switched fully to runit 22:28 pdurbin_m bear: I passed that along. thanks