Time Nick Message 13:29 dotplus hydrajump: tweet-lifetime sounds like a Good Thing (and not just because I'm in the "just say no" camp as far as twitter and friends are concerned), but from the perspective of taking control of your data/publishing/etc. 13:30 hydrajump dotplus: what do you mean by "just say no" with regards to twitter and friends? 13:31 dotplus This non-JS person has quickly eyeballed some of the code and I think that the default config is "delete everything older than 7 (days?)". You might want to make that explicit in the readme 13:32 dotplus I don't use them. Neither read nor write. At all. Mostly because I consider your "at worst" sentence to be *almost always true* 13:34 dotplus another comment/suggestion: whitelist/blacklist deletes by hashtag regexp? not sure if that's clear. what I'm suggesting is that it might be neat to offer a way to selectively delete/retain posts. 13:36 dotplus sounds fairly straightforward, but I don't do JS, or I would submit a PR:)