Time Nick Message 00:00 pdurbin semiosis: heh. well done 00:00 pdurbin semiosis: what's wrong with Google Keep anyway? you can even share notes now 14:08 semiosis pdurbin: poor ios support. no native app, web only, so no offline notes or note taking 14:39 pdurbin oh. works fine on android 14:40 pdurbin my wife and I use it for things that are "lighter" like grocery lists. for longer term things we use trello 16:08 hydrajump "A self-hosted service that continuously monitors your Twitter account and deletes old tweets." - https://github.com/christophercliff/tweet-lifetime 16:08 hydrajump "Why? It's become apparent that social media content should not be permanent. At best, old content is of little value to its creator. At worst it's a liability, aggregated by marketers and cited by critics." 16:08 hydrajump What do you guys think about that approach ^^