Time Nick Message 12:24 pdurbin Can an "installer" be a person? 14:27 bene sure 14:34 pdurbin ok, but I still like "Installation Guide" better than "Installer's Guide" 14:57 pdurbin "installer" redirects to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Installation_%28computer_programs%29#Installer 14:57 pdurbin bene: so maybe I disagree with you :) 15:08 bene when i try to find the meaning of a word, i use a dictionary 15:08 bene i don't think it matters what you call this thing you're writing as long as the actually installation docs are clear and concise 15:10 pdurbin what if all you have is the definition? such as "someone who installs software" :) 15:16 bene i'm not really sure i follow you 15:16 bene but i'm also not really sure i care 15:16 bene :-) 19:12 semiosis so i've been using google keep since it came out, but recently tried switching over to evernote and have been pretty disappointed with it. can anyone suggest an alternative? 19:13 semiosis ideally something with native apps for android, ios, and mac, plus a web interface 19:19 hydrajump semiosis: I haven't used this myself but http://paperwork.rocks/ 19:20 semiosis was hoping for a personal recommendation. also, please no not another infrastructure service i have to maintian 19:24 semiosis evernote is so bad at checklists several companies have sprung up that *just* do checklists lol 20:41 hydrajump check out this guy's commit history https://github.com/sheharyarn 20:41 hydrajump impressive :P 20:43 hydrajump he used this tool https://github.com/IonicaBizau/github-contributions 20:45 * semiosis wants his to say TRUE STORY 20:47 hydrajump haha 21:31 semiosis yea. https://github.com/semiosis 21:31 semiosis needs work 21:34 hydrajump haha