Time Nick Message 02:33 pdurbin dotplus: I went with your advice and just called it the thing: "staging" 02:33 pdurbin meanwhile 02:33 pdurbin I like this slogan: Asana ยท Teamwork without email - https://asana.com 10:11 melodie hi 10:11 melodie is someone here keen with udev rules tweaking? I need to use "Bus 002 Device 008: ID 1390:5454 TOMTOM B.V. 10:11 melodie " 10:11 melodie in order to access a tomtom gps under linux 12:57 dotplus I like the name 'Asana'; for all those vowels, it's consonant, literally. And it has the (for me) positive associations with the other aspects of (Raja/Ashtanga) Yoga. 12:58 dotplus But I don't see how it's appropriate for a company trying to produce groupware:) 12:58 pdurbin heh 12:59 pdurbin I just don't like email. :) 12:59 pdurbin except for announcements 12:59 dotplus And in particular, I'm rather dubious about trying to eliminate email. The problem is not with the medium, but rather with how it is used. 13:03 dotplus if the problem is people write "bad" email? the solution is "don't read it and/or get them to write better email.", *not* come up with another set of protocols/apps for them to use badly. 13:03 pdurbin it's like writing perl. it takes a lot of discipline :) 13:04 dotplus exactly. And those who do not exercise discipline will do it badly. 13:05 pdurbin dotplus: since elixir was first on your list I think you should take this one:https://github.com/pdurbin/addressbookmvc/issues/5 :) 13:05 dotplus the original statement was a set, not a list:) 13:06 pdurbin oh. i thought it was an ordered list :) 13:16 dotplus anyway, perhaps I'll get a chance to look at elixir/phoenix. 15:38 dotplus reading a little more on go/elixir/erlang, elixir appears to be an attempt to make erlang more convenient (especially for those coming from ruby), go is intended to make individual processes {powerful,easy,performant} and erlang's big thing is not that it is functional, nor that it makes it easy to take advantage of cores, but that it makes fault-tolerance easy. 15:40 dotplus so it sounds like a Right Way to benefit from the strengths of each is to use the (programmer's) convenience of elixir to create a distributed system managed by erlang, but composed of golang "atoms". 15:54 pdurbin go is inspired by erlang. one of go's big things seems to be that it's opinionated with builtin commands for fomatting code, etc. 15:57 dotplus I think that's true, but beside the point of "what are these things good at/for?" Go doesn't have OTP or anything like it, which is the major strength of erlang. As a result, they are good for different things. So much so that, to me, they sound complementary rather than alternatives to each other. 15:58 pdurbin oh sure 16:00 dotplus but addressbookmvc in either or both would be beneficial 16:00 pdurbin absolutely 18:36 pdurbin dotplus: https://github.com/pdurbin/addressbookmvc/issues/5#issuecomment-100317022 18:54 dotplus ha. I guess that makes my decision easier. I'll not do elixir:) 18:57 pdurbin dotplus: #sourcefu is the main place to discuss adderessbookmvc. you're welcome to join us