Time Nick Message 11:24 pdurbin Philip Durbin on Twitter: "Happy #StarWarsDay from @IQSS http://t.co/pi4otDzRao" - https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/595183173610446850 13:50 skay hey, any of you have some approachable python things that a new python programmer could work on productively? my usergroup has a mentorship program and one of the mentees doesn't have a project and is floundering 13:51 skay pdurbin: is two ravens accessible for a new contributor? 13:51 skay The two mentors emailed me to ask if I have suggestions. I emailed back to see if the mentor is familiar with django (she's a data scientist who uses python) 13:52 skay and I asked hte student what kinds of hobbies she has (and pointed her to our rfid tracking system at the hackerspace) 13:53 skay pdurbin: anyway, let me know if you have the people-infrastructure in place to onboard a potential contributor 14:30 semiosis pdurbin: use terminal tabs instead of windows 14:30 semiosis pdurbin: or really, use kubuntu. the konsole app in kde is the *best* terminal app ever. 14:30 pdurbin semiosis: this happens with firefox windows too. I never had these problems with gnome2 14:31 pdurbin skay: yes! but TwoRavens is javascript (d3) not django 14:31 semiosis pdurbin: kubuntu! 14:31 skay pdurbin: derp 14:31 pdurbin skay: we use all the languages here 14:31 skay pdurbin: golang? 14:31 pdurbin ok not all of them 14:32 pdurbin semiosis: does kubuntu use gnome2? 14:32 semiosis fsck no 14:32 semiosis kde baby! 14:32 * skay is watching ubunto online summit keynote with mark right now 14:32 * skay is running gnome3 instead of unity 14:32 * semiosis hates gnome (and unity) 14:32 skay ha 14:32 skay was using wmii a while 14:33 pdurbin skay: how's your alt-tab experience with gnome 3? 14:34 skay pdurbin: I'm not good with switching between terminals. if you stay on a tab with the terminal, it will pop up options for all the terminals, but I don't know the key to use to cycle through those 14:34 skay it does cycle through terminals and selects the other one than the last one it was on 14:34 pdurbin skay: I mean using alt-tab to switch between apps, between firefox and terminal or whatever 14:34 skay I think unity does that? 14:35 skay pdurbin: yeah, when you do that, if you have the alt-tab thingee list, and remain on the terminal thing, it then shows another thingee list with a list of the terms 14:35 pdurbin skay: you you see it too?!? alt-tab forgets which terminal window you're on? it drives me crazy! 14:35 semiosis pdurbin: is there an option to group/not group windows of the same application? 14:36 skay pdurbin: yeah. I usually only have two terminals windows, and then tmux inside of them 14:36 skay so it doesn't drive me as crazy 14:36 pdurbin semiosis: not sure. I'm just using the default setup. I'm new to ubuntu 14:36 skay pdurbin: I can't remember all the options, but you may be able to do what semiosis suggests 14:36 semiosis pdurbin: sudo apt-get install desktop-kde 14:36 * skay wanders off to another channel 14:36 skay pdurbin: switch to awesome 14:36 pdurbin or ratpoison 14:36 skay pdurbin: or i3, I can't remember 14:37 semiosis it's easy to sidegrade between *buntus, then you can login to whichever desktop you want 14:37 pdurbin maybe I'll just switch back to fedora. /cc mhayden larsks 15:26 pdurbin skay: we do have django apps to hack on, if you're interested 15:27 skay pdurbin: yeah. (it's the two ravens that stuck in my head as the cool thing.) 15:29 pdurbin TwoRavens is hella cool 15:29 pdurbin searchbot`: lucky tworavens iqss 15:29 searchbot` pdurbin: http://datascience.iq.harvard.edu/about-tworavens 15:29 skay pdurbin: dangit, what was the django project called? 15:30 skay dataverse.org right? 15:35 pdurbin skay: yes, https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse.org is half Django and half Sphinx 15:36 pdurbin skay: we list all the django apps in a google doc linked from https://github.com/IQSS/plaid 15:52 mhayden pdurbin: did someone say fedora? ;) 16:36 mhayden pdurbin: i'm lazy and i use GNOME 3 + Fedora 21 16:36 mhayden but for tiling WM's, skay is right about i3 -- it's pretty nice 18:29 pdurbin mhayden: do you use alt-tab much? does it forget which terminal window were using? 18:30 mhayden i do use alt-tab pretty regularly 18:30 pdurbin mhayden: no complaints? 18:30 mhayden only problem i see is that urgent window hints are ignored 18:30 mhayden for example, a terminal bell hits and i get no warning (other than the sound) 18:30 mhayden and messages coming through pidgin don't really have a notification 18:31 mhayden whereas older gnome or XFCE would pulsate the task button for that window 18:31 pdurbin ok. I should probably switch back to fedora then 18:31 mhayden i'm toying with an F22 beta upgrade this week 18:32 mhayden just need to ensure that the additional repos i have already have F22 pkgs 18:34 melodie hello 18:37 mhayden ohai