Time Nick Message 10:22 pdurbin Philip Durbin on Twitter: "Fire on the floor below me at 2am. (Electric stove or something.) Got everyone out. Smokey smell lingers. Trying to get kids back to sleep." - https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/594056397911908352 11:14 hydrajump pdurbin: shit glad you and your family are ok! 11:54 pdurbin hydrajump: I'm shit glad too! even the cats are ok 12:39 hydrajump didyou figure out the source of the fire? 13:20 pdurbin electric stove I guess ^^ 13:20 pdurbin was engulfed in flames, I heard 13:29 dotplus user error? 13:32 dotplus anyway, yeah. residential fires are *still* a scary thing, even in the modern world. Be careful, folks. 20:47 semiosis anyone used https://www.huboard.com/ ? 20:47 semiosis thinking about adding gitlab integration :) 22:24 pdurbin searchbot: skay used to 22:24 searchbot pdurbin: Error: "skay" is not a valid command. 22:24 pdurbin d'oh! 22:25 pdurbin semiosis: skay used to 22:27 pdurbin https://huboard.com/researchcompendia/researchcompendia