Time Nick Message 00:10 pdurbin skay: redhat! 00:10 skay haha 00:10 skay weechat stole my focus as I was typing /connect canonical 00:11 skay I have a friend who works at redhat on centos, and I have a friend who works at fermilab on scientific linux 00:11 pdurbin I'm just kidding. I'm actually typing from an Ubuntu box at the moment. 00:11 skay I want to have a picture of us all together in distro swag 00:11 skay so I can troll my coworkers 00:12 * skay needs to find more friends who work on more distros 00:12 pdurbin you can grab prologic too for his distro 00:13 pdurbin it's so new... I wonder about its SEO 00:13 pdurbin searchbot: lucky vallinux 00:13 searchbot pdurbin: https://github.com/vallinux/docker-images 00:13 pdurbin meh, good enough :) 00:13 prologic haha 00:13 prologic it comes up :) 00:13 pdurbin also acceptable would have been http://vallinux.org :) 00:17 pdurbin skay: melodie has a distro too 00:17 pdurbin searchbot: lucky bento linux 00:17 searchbot pdurbin: https://github.com/abrasive/bento-linux-build 00:17 pdurbin :/ 00:20 pdurbin not sure the best homepage for bento. maybe this: http://linuxvillage.org/en/2013/11/bento-ubuntu-remix-rc/ 00:20 pdurbin hmm, maybe http://bentovillage.org 00:25 melodie hi 00:25 melodie what's going on? 00:26 melodie pdurbin the main linuxvillage.org can be a start 00:26 melodie :) 00:27 melodie pdurbin have you found someone who wants a free .me for domain? or a free .xyz ? 00:27 melodie I have one of each to pass on 00:29 pdurbin melodie: what's the home page for bento? 00:29 melodie not specific yet 00:30 melodie linuxvillage.org is where everything starts and it's spreading around little by little 00:30 pdurbin ok 00:30 melodie for English users: http://linuxvillage.org/en/ 00:30 melodie for download: 00:30 melodie http://linuxvillage.org/en/downloads/ 00:31 melodie and there is something starting at Launchpad, to open the project to contributors 00:31 melodie https://launchpad.net/bento-dev 00:32 melodie on the linuxvillage forum are announcements 00:32 melodie A presentation of Bento Linux - http://forum.linuxvillage.org/index.php/topic,701.0.html 00:36 pdurbin melodie: cool. thanks 00:36 pdurbin skay: this was interesting: https://plus.google.com/+SheilaMiguez/posts/3Lr1kHV1XeZ :) 00:37 skay pdurbin: yeah! I haven't decided how all to use it yet 00:37 melodie pdurbin pleasure! 00:37 skay most likely I will add a reader the door of my house 00:37 skay and will add an extra reader to the hackerspace door so that it works with NFC 00:37 skay it would be even cooler if I could get a yubikey implant 00:38 skay I've got a huge bruise on my hand, but it doesn't hurt 00:39 melodie pdurbin haha, same as here : https://meylodie.wordpress.com/2015/04/17/puces-ou-pas-puces-caption-width-640-align/ 00:41 pdurbin skay: so the idea is that there's a chip in your hand and you can wave it in front of the door to your hackerspace to open it. that's why I commented, "weird and cool" :) 00:43 skay pdurbin: :) 01:23 prologic skay: hey :) 01:33 skay prologic: howdy 01:35 skay pdurbin: this guy was at the talk about biohacking, but he wasn't giving hte presentation. http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/the-diy-cyborg 01:35 skay that is a bit extreme for me