Time Nick Message 14:39 hydrajump if you ever need to create online forms: http://typeform.com 15:42 melodie hi 15:42 melodie can someone tell me what the command line is to ouput strate to a file instead of stdin? 15:42 melodie strace* 15:42 melodie sorry 15:45 melodie knowing I want to invoque strace against a binary 15:48 melodie oh I found 16:39 pdurbin melodie: you got it to work? 17:12 melodie yes pdurbin 17:12 melodie thanks 17:12 melodie and after that I broke the session, tried to repair, couldn't, then reverted back to the former version package 17:13 melodie well testing the newer openbox patched for Debian/Ubuntu, the removal and revert back to stable didn't work that well 18:20 pdurbin I don't have much in my strace notes 18:21 pdurbin strace -fFttT -s 64 uptime # verbose debugging 18:21 pdurbin strace -f -p `pidof clamcour` 2>&1 | grep write 18:21 pdurbin Last updated March 3, 2011