Time Nick Message 00:15 pdurbin bene: this vaurien thing seems pretty cool 00:27 pdurbin are you using tools like this in your day job? 00:43 melodie pdurbin a brand new project which you might be interested to know about, https://caliopen.org 00:44 pdurbin melodie: right but I have nothing to hide: https://caliopen.org/faq 00:44 pdurbin I dont' think! 00:45 melodie it's not about *you* 00:45 melodie :) 00:46 melodie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nothing_to_hide_argument 00:55 pdurbin melodie: well hold on, please. I'm as upset about the NSA as anyone. 00:57 melodie pdurbin the French government is about to follow their lead: and will vote a law identical on some points as what is in the Patriot Act : on may 5th 00:57 melodie just the laws once voted are not reviewed each year 00:57 melodie the "loi sur le renseignement" was not reviewed since 1992 they say 00:58 melodie pdurbin well I am glad to read that you are not approving their ways 01:05 pdurbin it's a violation, all this spying 01:08 pdurbin melodie: isn't it past your bedtime? :) 01:56 melodie pdurbin if they ask you aren't aware. :p 14:15 bene pdurbin: i am not using vaurien or anything like it, but the qa team here was asking for a tool like that 14:16 pdurbin cool that they're asking for tools like that 14:16 bene yeah 14:16 bene but qa suggested a bunch of client side tools and some commercial stuff 14:17 bene whereas i think the better approach would be to have the degradation config backed into the qa test plan 14:18 bene so you fire off a CI job for testing and it configures the tool with the right latency/loss settings and then runs the automated test 14:18 pdurbin automate all the things 14:18 bene we have *way* too much manual stuff at work 21:45 melodie hi 22:06 pdurbin melodie: hi 22:07 melodie hi pdurbin :) 22:07 pdurbin Homemade "Don't Stop Running" sign for the Boston Marathon at the Citgo sign. - https://plus.google.com/+PhilDurbin/posts/bf6h8XnBZuj 22:30 melodie very cute :)