Time Nick Message 16:20 melodie hi 20:09 pdurbin melodie: hi 20:10 melodie hello pdurbin 20:19 pdurbin some of these are pretty good: https://twitter.com/sadserver 20:22 melodie pdurbin :p 20:22 melodie "In Quantum Operations, a system outage doesn't exist until it is observed by a user" 20:22 melodie indeed, very good! 23:44 bene found it 23:44 bene http://vaurien.readthedocs.org/en/1.8/ <- Vaurien, the Chaos TCP Proxy 23:50 pdurbin bene: cool. oh, and someone found something interesting with charlesproxy: 23:50 pdurbin Matthew Flint on Twitter: "Heh, I can see my @PayPal password being sent from the iOS app. And my WiFi SSID. Actually WTF? #MondayNightHackery http://t.co/hctVM0ZylF" - https://twitter.com/mkflint/status/587757563212599296 23:50 pdurbin mhayden codex ^^