Time Nick Message 14:04 bene any suggestions for an open source tunable performance-degrading http proxy for testing/qa of web apps under bad network conditions? 14:05 bene google has a variety of results for both commercial and not tools, but nothing screamed USE ME 14:06 bene ISTR running across a nice looking python (maybe ruby) app on github that would do this, but i didn't star it and now i can't find it 14:17 pdurbin I just heard good things about http://trafficserver.apache.org 14:18 bene that looks like it's for improving performance 14:18 pdurbin bene: do you have any candidates you can link to? 14:19 bene http://www.telerik.com/fiddler 14:19 pdurbin ah, ok 14:19 pdurbin bene: I'd go ask in #rest 14:20 bene charles proxy is another popular one 14:24 pdurbin searchbot: lucky charles proxy 14:24 searchbot pdurbin: http://www.charlesproxy.com/ 14:26 pdurbin bene: maybe https://www.runscope.com ? dunno 14:27 pdurbin bene: ah yes, charles proxy mentioned at http://rubyrogues.com/163-rr-education-with-coraline-ada-ehmke-and-katrina-owen/ 14:27 pdurbin "And it’s a web proxy that will sit between your machine and the rest of the internet. And when you are trying to write a web scraper or figure out why your AJAX callbacks aren’t working right, this thing will get between your browser and the server and log everything for debugging." 14:27 pdurbin via http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2014-07-19 14:28 bene i saw one that could simulate low bandwidth, high latency and packet loss conditions 14:28 pdurbin latency monkey 14:29 hydrajump btw regarding proxies here's another interesting one written in go: https://github.com/xiam/hyperfox 14:31 hydrajump bene: on OS X and iOS there's also "Network Link Conditioner" app 14:31 hydrajump http://nshipster.com/network-link-conditioner/ 19:25 pdurbin I'm kinda bummed that this doesn't "just work" on Mac: pic $1 | groff > /tmp/output.ps && ps2epsi /tmp/output.ps /tmp/output2.ps && convert -resize 7% -density 1152 /tmp/output2.ps /tmp/output.png 19:25 pdurbin convert: no images defined `/tmp/output2.ps' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/3106. 19:25 pdurbin /tmp/output2.ps: PostScript document text conforming DSC level 2.0, type EPS 19:26 pdurbin it opens in Preview ok... gets converted into a PDF 19:28 pdurbin oh, that reminds me: http://codeinthehole.com/writing/commandlinefucom-is-in-new-hands/ 19:28 pdurbin (the inspiration for this channel's name) 19:31 pdurbin got an email recently: Subject: New things are happening at commandlinefu Dancebin! - http://danceb.in/9M6MPTjl5BGQ3B2uDMIysQ 19:31 pdurbin raw version looks better: http://danceb.in/9M6MPTjl5BGQ3B2uDMIysQ/raw