Time Nick Message 00:02 pdurbin I guess I'm thinking of the XServe ... the rack mounted thing 00:10 prologic ahh 00:11 prologic yeah well I've seen some folk now run Mac Mini(s) as servers in data centers 00:13 pdurbin mac mini co-lo 00:16 prologic yeah 00:16 prologic it's a real thing :) 00:16 prologic well in some places 08:13 prologic https://twitter.com/therealprologic/status/588253541094952962 14:08 dotplus hey, if you want IoT, you should look at Cisco, they're making a huge push into IoT. ALso, I hear we're hiring:) 14:09 prologic I've built one such IoT project so far :) 14:09 prologic An automated chicken coup door 14:14 dotplus nice. I wish we could be out of the city and/or have more than 17' x 25' of garden. But our move to non-city (surburban .tn.us) failed so badly that it's a case of once bitten, twice shy. 14:15 dotplus so it looks my hopes of bees/chickens/mushrooms are a lot further off. 14:20 prologic that's a shame 14:24 dotplus yeah and really it was mostly not due being out of the city so much as the feel of the area (awful modern surburban housing development, known as "subdivision"), compunded with all sorts of other factors including new baby, new job. (baby is now no longer new and this was the previous job). 14:29 semiosis thanks for the synology tip. got a ds415+ and it's really great 15:04 bene awesome 15:05 bene semiosis: did you ever get a power usage reading on that pfsense machine you built up? 15:06 semiosis bene: i havent done any measurement but it has a 60W/5A power supply, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856205007 15:07 semiosis bene: having problems with it though, maybe bad ram or mobo, or some pfsense driver issue 15:07 semiosis needs to be rebooted every few days :( 15:08 bene bummer 15:09 bene my older alix 2d2 runs about 4w at 100% CPU usage and it's rock solid, but starting to feel a bit slow 15:13 bene a fully kitted out APU board is about $200 and should also run under 10w, but it's a more limited platform than a full atom pc 20:02 melodie hi 20:25 larsks melodie: hallo! 20:26 melodie hi larsks :)