Time Nick Message 20:41 melodie hello! 20:42 melodie pdurbin there is a new project out, meant to help the users of the internet protect their personal communications 20:42 melodie the name is caliopen and it is on github 20:42 melodie https://github.com/CaliOpen/caliopen.web 20:43 pdurbin "be good"? http://caliopen.github.io 20:43 pdurbin I don't understand what this is. 20:44 pdurbin heh. "Why should I use it as I have nothing to hide?" https://caliopen.org/faq 20:45 melodie people whoare opening a new project to help all secure their data and especially their communication which is also described here: https://caliopen.org/ 23:15 pdurbin huh, this is apparently a thing: https://botbot.me/freenode/osx-server 23:22 prologic what is? 23:22 prologic TL;DR? 23:31 pdurbin people running os x as a server still 23:40 prologic ahh 23:40 prologic don't Apple still develop and maintain OS X Server?