Time Nick Message 11:37 pdurbin semiosis: I even use Firefox 11:37 pdurbin but a Mac at work 13:11 larsks Because it's Friday, a terrible hack: https://github.com/larsks/workinghours 13:12 pdurbin larsks++ ... should go on pypi 13:13 larsks Maybe, but that requires more work and I am all done. Pull requests welcome :) 13:14 pdurbin nothing wrong with a proof of concept :) 13:17 dotplus that's hilarious. 13:19 dotplus semiosis: hydrajump: let me give you a counter anecdote (yes, I know that the plural of anecdote is not data:). 13:20 dotplus I bought one of their little NAS boxen for home use. It was ok - like most of these things you can fiddle with it as a "proper" linux box if you poke it in the right way. 13:21 dotplus Anyway, I didn't spend much time setting it up or using anything fancy. it was just a NFS/CIFS box for me. 13:22 dotplus happily (slowly, but happily) serving for a couple of months. Then one day it bricks itself. The response from support was a request to update to the latest firmware. 13:22 dotplus It was bricked and wouldn't load new firmware. I wasn't happy. 13:51 semiosis pdurbin: intellij idea is open source. but some of the more sophisticated plugins are commercially licensed 13:53 pdurbin semiosis: do you use the fully open source version or the non fully open sourced version? 13:54 semiosis i use ultimate. in fact, most of the time their beta releases (called EAP) include a license good for 30 days, so you just have to keep updating to the latest beta, which I do. 13:55 semiosis although I also have a full license for my open source project 13:57 pdurbin so the latter 15:38 larsks pdurbin: I wrote it up, with pictures: http://blog.oddbit.com/2015/04/10/workinghours-time-shifting-git-commits/ 15:46 pdurbin "a terrible utility for doing awful things to your repository history" :) 15:47 pdurbin heh. --drift 15:47 pdurbin larsks: I love it. 16:06 hydrajump larsks: hehe you created that during working hours :P 16:08 hydrajump btw larsks IIRC you run your own email server, right? 16:10 larsks hydrajump: I run my own MX service. It takes email to my personal domain and then forwards it elsewhere. 16:11 larsks hydrajump: digitalocean + postfix 16:11 hydrajump larsks: are you using postfix 3.0.0? 16:12 hydrajump i.e. did you compile from source? 16:12 larsks hydrajump: No, I'm running whatever was packaged in Fedora 19 at the moment, with an upgrade planned to F21 in the near future. 16:12 hydrajump ah ok 16:44 pdurbin cat boost.tsv | perl -lane 'print "$F[1]^$F[0]"' 16:44 pdurbin I feel like there are shorter one-liners for that. ^^ 17:04 bene awk '{print $2"^"$1}' boost.tsv 17:04 bene mebbe 17:52 pdurbin bene: perfect! thanks!