Time Nick Message 16:03 semiosis anyone have a recommendation for NAS for a small office? 16:17 bene http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/tools/rankers/nas/view 16:18 bene some of the labs we supported at harvard had synology devices 16:18 bene they seem fairly solid 16:56 melodie semiosis there is a synology nas selector here: https://www.synology.com/en-us/support/nas_selector 16:57 melodie I am going to see one "Synology DS213j" soon, and now the Synology company sells the next version, DS215j, they have a good reputation 16:58 melodie and documentation available too: https://ukdl.synology.com/download/Document/DataSheet/DiskStation/ 16:59 semiosis thanks i'm trying out freenas right now and i'll look into synology as well 16:59 melodie I just found the right directory for all the recent models, didn't quite know how it was organized, but here it is: https://ukdl.synology.com/download/Document/DataSheet/DiskStation/15-year/ 17:00 melodie welcome 17:06 melodie does someone have insights about the security risks brought with the activation of the sysrq feature? 17:06 Whoop you're already screwed if they have physical access 17:13 melodie Whoop what about a small team with a small network, where no one does any administration? 17:13 melodie 5 people 17:13 melodie ? 17:13 melodie one being the admin and the others just doing office work 17:13 Whoop I don't understand the question, whats that go to do with anything? 17:13 Whoop do you consider them a security risk? 17:13 melodie I don't 17:13 Whoop well then? 17:14 Whoop To be clear, my answer was rather yes enable SysRq, as its no increased risk - you're already screwed if your attacker has physical access to your hardware 17:14 melodie my question is general: in the configuration file there is a security risk mentioned, so I'd like to know what the security risks are really 17:14 hydrajump semiosis: depends do you want to DIY? 17:15 bene yeah 17:15 melodie Whoop and my question would more be oriented to the risks coming from the outside network, internet 17:15 bene when i heard "small office" i assumed it was not going to be a DIY set up 17:15 hydrajump ^ me too 17:15 bene dentists don't want $200/hr unix consultants setting up freenas for them 17:16 semiosis no more DIY than a NAS distro like freenas. current setup is ubuntu with everything set up by hand 17:16 bene that's pretty DIY :P 17:16 hydrajump i've heard good things about synology 17:16 hydrajump hehe 17:16 Whoop melodie: I'm not aware of any, the only remote way to use sysrq is by poking a proc device...I presume you have that secured sufficiently 17:16 semiosis need to support windows, mac, linux clients, want to make hourly snapshots visible over the network, and support backup clients from workstations 17:16 melodie hydrajump I have had a glance at the doc, there is a nice desktop in synology 17:17 melodie Whoop I don't know I haven't been at that place yet, and the network isp is a foss non for profit association of our area 17:17 melodie Whoop what proc devices could be at risk? in a Linux Mint distribution? 17:18 melodie is a NAS Synology a proc device by the way? I assume it should be? 17:20 Whoop melodie: /proc/sysrq-trigger 17:21 melodie Whoop that one is at risk? 17:21 melodie ls -l returns "--w------- 1 root root 0 9 avril 19:20 /proc/sysrq-trigger" 17:21 Whoop ...you can execute sysrq commands via it, yes? 17:21 melodie and it's empty 17:21 melodie no idea 17:21 melodie first time seen 17:22 semiosis just looking over the synology website and thinking shut up and take my money 17:23 melodie semiosis lol 17:23 melodie Whoop they'd need the root password 17:23 melodie if it's a good one there should not find it 17:23 melodie ? 17:24 Whoop ofc its empty....its a device 17:24 Whoop you asked for risks, I gave you risk 17:24 melodie semiosis is freenas that simple to install and configure? and is the UI as user friendly? 17:24 Whoop you've got it covered, cool 17:24 melodie Whoop thanks! 17:24 semiosis melodie: no 17:24 melodie semiosis aha 17:25 semiosis and synology claims support for the cloud services we use, aws & box.com 17:25 semiosis which is killer :) 17:25 melodie semiosis I guess it's not an obligation to use them? 17:27 semiosis i'm just looking for the best upgrade path for our current setup. we've gotten along fine without any of that stuff for years, but i want the next office nas to do as much as possible 17:27 semiosis synology seems to have everything we could want 17:27 melodie oh! 17:27 melodie ie? 17:29 melodie semiosis some examples? 17:29 melodie main features? 17:30 semiosis like i said before, need to support windows, mac, linux clients, want to make hourly snapshots visible over the network, and support backup clients from workstations 17:30 semiosis synology adds cloud service integrations, mobile apps, etc which we could use too 17:44 semiosis the mac continues to impress me. my workstation & laptop are on the same wifi and i can automagically access my home dirs on each from the other 17:47 hydrajump hehe are you running OS X as your main OS now instead of kubuntu? 17:50 semiosis yes i switched. mac mini desktop at work and a new retina mbp 13 for home 17:51 semiosis was starting to feel left behind in the professional software development world 18:19 semiosis same reason i switched to intellij idea *cough*pdurbin*cough* 18:25 hydrajump anyone built postfix 3.0.0 from source? 18:26 hydrajump the version in APT is quite old and although very convenient to install I'm considering building the latest stable from source, but just thought I'd ask if anyone has experience with the various build options that are available 20:52 pdurbin semiosis: I'm still on fully open source stuff: linux and netbeans