Time Nick Message 20:40 melodie hello! 21:09 pdurbin melodie: how's the codecombat? 21:12 melodie pdurbin that was fun, just I haven't been able to go too far, the connection has been broken several times for me. My son enjoyed it a lot though! 21:13 melodie He has done several levels in my session, while I was being configuring the sound for him, for his usb headset. :p 21:17 melodie at the end of the event I have talked about #crimsonfu and about the things you told me related to faceted search. The young man who was doing the animation is working with a startup on a project meant to create contacts between students coming to Toulouse for tech events or short periods events (exams...=, and students in the city who can provide a hosting and an guidance. 21:17 melodie well, I have spoken about #crimsonfu, he seemed interested. 22:16 pdurbin cool 22:50 melodie pdurbin I have linked the wonderstudy page in this post: http://orditux.org/aol/2015/04/07/nouvelle-loi-sur-la-formation-le-e-learning-et-les-mooc/ 22:51 melodie pdurbin and too bad for the French speaking ones who don't understand English. … :p 23:16 pdurbin melodie: nice! 23:17 pdurbin all this free online learning but my time is limited :( 23:17 melodie pdurbin I told you I wanted to mention that page. :) 23:17 melodie pdurbin yes, we'd really need several lifes! 23:18 melodie immortality is really what we'd need! :D 23:21 pdurbin melodie: oh, you might like this: http://learningnerd.github.io/30DaysOfWebDev/ 23:22 melodie pdurbin admirable, but I'm not interested 23:23 pdurbin "I'm at the start of a career change: I want to try doing freelance web development" https://plus.google.com/+LizKrane/posts/cuotNM9J5Zw 23:23 melodie see I need to do some sports again, because I haven't out much during winter. and walking would be the best for me, but I get bored fast when I walk especially when I have already discovered the places around my home. So I decided to do something more, which needs some learning 23:24 melodie pdurbin cool! http://jenniferdewalt.com/node/hello_world 23:24 melodie :D 23:25 melodie pdurbin I have deciced to learn how to add data to OpenStreetMap, because my area has lots of blanks 23:25 melodie decided 23:25 melodie * 23:25 pdurbin nice 23:25 melodie so my walks will have purpose 23:25 melodie and perhaps also take pictures and blog about the walks 23:26 melodie perhaps too blog about learning how to contribute to OSM 23:26 melodie never know how far that can be going 23:26 pdurbin sure. I only have a vague idea 23:27 melodie I recently bought a new back pack which has a special pocket for laptops :D 23:27 melodie I have a vague idea too but I know the docs are out there on the web 23:27 melodie and also the mailing lists I have suscribed to since last year 23:28 pdurbin I listened to this but it was quite a while ago: http://twit.tv/show/floss-weekly/81 23:28 melodie you are a mine full of data :D 23:29 melodie about all kinds! 23:30 pdurbin :) 23:30 melodie I think I won't be able to follow this audio, they are too fluent for me. XD