Time Nick Message 00:34 pdurbin 4+ years later it's still nice to see a bug you cared about get fixed: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-5784 14:36 melodie hi 14:38 pdurbin melodie: hi 14:39 melodie hi pdurbin 14:40 melodie I have been talking about the present chan and about the faceted search project to a young coder who works on an interesting project in a startup 14:40 melodie we are at the "La Cantine de Toulouse" this afternoon 14:41 melodie http://lacantine-toulouse.org/ 14:41 melodie we have started learning "codecombat" 14:41 melodie http://codecombat.com/ 14:42 melodie among children, some very young ones 14:42 melodie pdurbin about to leave back home now 22:48 melodie hi 22:48 melodie * 22:48 melodie ? 22:58 melodie good night