Time Nick Message 01:52 pdurbin how do you diagnose a python IRC bot that keeps dying every once in a while? 01:53 pdurbin not much in the logs when it dies: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/8827949 01:53 pdurbin see also http://irclogs.jackgrigg.com/irc.freenode.net/openhatch/2015-04-02#i_3608428 02:15 prologic is this written in circuits? :) 02:17 prologic clearly not by the looks 02:17 prologic from looking at your output log 02:17 prologic looks like you're not responding to PING properly 02:17 prologic show me the code I'll take a gander 02:17 prologic not like I haven't done this before (a few times now) :) 03:08 pdurbin prologic: https://github.com/shaunagm/WelcomeBot/issues/10 03:13 prologic okay this ol chestnut 03:13 prologic so a couple of things 03:13 prologic IRC line delimiter is \r\n 03:13 prologic and you _must_ respond with PONG : 03:13 prologic when you see a PING : 03:13 prologic exactly 03:14 prologic otherwise most IRC servers/Daemons will disconnect you 03:14 prologic usually you are pinged with a timestampt 03:14 prologic you must respond with the same value/ts you see 03:18 pdurbin heh. the old chestnut 03:18 pdurbin prologic: so you think there may be a legit bug in the code? 03:18 prologic yes 03:19 prologic the way you handle and process PING?PONG 03:19 prologic See: https://github.com/circuits/circuits/blob/master/circuits/protocols/irc/protocol.py#L88 03:24 pdurbin ok 03:24 prologic also this bot could do with a bit of a makeover :) 03:24 pdurbin prologic: how long before freenode disconnects you if you don't reply with a PONG? minutes? days? weeks? 03:25 prologic perhaps I could submit a PR that rewrites it using circuits whilst preserving the functionality? 03:25 prologic I believe the default is 300s 03:25 prologic I think that's the default of most ircd(s) 03:27 pdurbin prologic: but! it's already PONG'ing it looks like: "If the server pings us then we've got to respond!" https://github.com/shaunagm/WelcomeBot/blob/master/bot.py 03:28 prologic yeah but the code I'm looking at isn't right 03:28 prologic this is what I think is going on 03:28 prologic => SERVER: PING :1234 03:28 prologic <= BOT: PING 03:28 prologic or I saw 03:28 prologic PING :isme 03:28 prologic or something 03:28 prologic none of which is right :) 03:28 prologic Bot needs to respond with (in this eample) 03:29 prologic PONG :1234 03:29 pdurbin hmm. I guess in that log we're only seeing the input, not the output 03:32 prologic yeah 10:34 pdurbin prologic: nice comment. thanks 10:34 pdurbin on that old chestnut :) 10:38 prologic heh nps 10:38 prologic :) 10:39 prologic I think my next mini project is to write a new tool 10:39 prologic I'll call it dodns 10:39 prologic digital ocean dns 10:39 prologic with the ability to add/remove/list domains and add/remove/list records 10:39 prologic but also import entire domains/zones from existing bind configs 10:43 pdurbin tied specifically to Digital Ocean? 10:45 prologic I guess in general it doesn't have to be 10:45 prologic but for now it was going to 10:45 prologic what ideas have you got? 10:46 prologic there are already existing tools for this kind of stuff 10:46 pdurbin naming is hard :/ 10:46 prologic but there are two issues I see 10:46 prologic many of them are large-ish, complex and support way too many clouds -- some of which one might not care too much about 10:46 prologic and they do almost everything under the sun 10:46 prologic my particular use-case was simply to import a few dozen odd domains I have 10:47 prologic from bind configs to digital ocean 10:47 prologic then do a mass delegtation from my registrar 10:47 prologic since DO hosts domains for free essentialyl 10:48 prologic https://github.com/changhiskhan/poseidon/issues/21 10:51 prologic oooer wow 10:51 prologic I had 14 unique visitors to my Gopherspace today 10:51 prologic biggest in a few weeks 11:09 pdurbin it's nice that the have an API 13:46 melodie hello 13:47 pdurbin melodie: hi 13:47 melodie hi pdurbin 14:45 hydrajump prologic: regarding your dns tool what about using terraform.io? 14:46 hydrajump I know it does more than dns, but might be something to look at 17:33 semiosis wow, i plugged my mac mini into my ups via usb cable and it treats it similar to a laptop battery 17:33 semiosis impressive! 17:35 pdurbin hydrajump: gentle reminder to use full http:// so ilbot3 will make clickable links - https://terraform.io 17:35 pdurbin semiosis: I remember when you were into kubuntu 17:36 semiosis pdurbin: we're still friends 20:57 prologic hydrajump, I'll have a gander :) 20:57 prologic although I suspect it might be too complex :) 20:57 prologic I prefer simple things 21:00 prologic actually 21:00 prologic this is kinda looking really nice 21:00 prologic I'll investigate this :)