Time Nick Message 00:14 bene that's nothing like the sugar shacks i have visited in western ma 00:14 bene where are the lawn chairs? where is the cooler of coors light? 00:24 pdurbin this is the closest one to Boston, they say 00:53 bene they do a boil down at the growing center in somerville 00:54 bene miles' grade is doing a field trip next week i thin 00:54 bene k 00:54 bene aww yeah 00:54 bene 4 maple trees in somerville and we're tapping 'em all! 01:07 pdurbin heh 01:30 bene i find github's interface confusing too 01:30 bene almost everything is clickable, but it's not always clear where that click will go 01:32 bene larsks: are you using a tagging script with mutt-kz/notmuch or doing it all in procmail or similar? 01:33 pdurbin notmuch? 01:33 larsks I'm using afew (https://github.com/teythoon/afew) for tagging, with a bunch of custom filter modules. 01:33 bene cool 01:33 bene i was looking at afew 01:33 larsks pdurbin: notmuch is an email indexing tool (using xapian). It is *awesome*. 01:34 larsks Espec. when combined with mutt-kz. 01:34 bene yep 01:34 larsks It's the only email searching solution I've found that can compete with gmail. 01:34 * pdurbin looks at http://notmuchmail.org 01:34 larsks bene: I have e.g., modules that extract metadata from bugzilla and gerrit emails and populate tags based on that, etc. 01:34 pdurbin ah. I set up xapian for search of ikiwiki at fasrc 01:34 larsks pdurbin: https://github.com/karelzak/mutt-kz 01:35 pdurbin that's a lot of C 01:35 larsks bene: https://github.com/larsks/afew_filters 01:36 bene nice 01:36 pdurbin these days I'm using Lucene/Solr rather than Xapian 01:36 bene i am stuck with exchange on the server side of things 01:36 larsks bene: I am stuck with Zimbra! 01:36 larsks So I use 'getmail' to download everything locally, and run mutt-kz there. 01:36 bene pulling with isync and then running notmuch against the local maildirs 01:37 larsks Yeah :) 01:37 bene notmuch is pretty amazing 01:37 bene ~7000 messages/day in my group 01:37 pdurbin at one point I was tasked with evaluating Zimbra as a possible replacement for courier, imp, and majordomo 01:38 bene but searching 90 days worth of messages takes a few seconds 01:38 larsks I don't deal with anything near that volume, but I can't live without excellent mail filtering. I can't imagine trying to live with some sort of folder-based organization anymore. 01:38 larsks s/filtering/searching/ 01:38 larsks pdurbin: I can't common on zimbra from the mainteance side, but the ui is a little clunky. It works, I guess. 01:39 pdurbin larsks: in the end the whole thing got outsourced, from what I understand 01:39 bene i still want to be able to use the phone to read my inbox, so i have about 50 server side exchange rules that do some basic sorting 01:40 larsks I have so far kept work email away from my phone. 01:40 pdurbin bene: I probably have close to that many in gmail. can't imagine life without them 01:40 bene pull all the machine email and the noisier humans out of my inbox 01:41 pdurbin is chat a good solution for too much email? or does it just move the problem? 01:41 bene we have hipchat channels devoted to tickets/wiki updates/code checkins 01:41 bene i like it in the sense that it's an ephemeral notification 01:45 bene it scrolls away without me having to do anything to archive, backup, etc, but it's still searchable 01:45 bene but putting those notifications in a human-oriented chat channel tends to just make it noisy and ignorable 01:45 pdurbin gmail feels the same way for me. I hardly ever archive or delete anything. Still searchable though. 01:51 pdurbin I'm fairly anti-automated noise in chat rooms: Can designerbot please stop posting to the #opensourcedesign channel on freenode? · Issue #205 · DesignOpen/designopen.github.io - https://github.com/DesignOpen/designopen.github.io/issues/205 02:16 bene http://kmkeen.com/awk-music/ 03:04 pdurbin bash: /dev/dsp: Permission denied 10:35 pdurbin speaking of email: Tutanota, An Open Source Encrypted Gmail Alternative, Heads Out Of Beta | TechCrunch - http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/18/tutanota-exits-beta/ 10:52 melodie pdurbin if people use it, Google can't browse the contents of their emails anymore 10:52 melodie :p 10:53 melodie they might raise new term conditions? :D 13:11 bene i don't see how this really affects google 13:16 bene or maybe i don't understand how their encryption works 13:32 hydrajump is Tutanota supposed to be similar to https://protonmail.ch/ 13:33 hydrajump ^ seems so 13:33 hydrajump https://whiteout.io/ is also interesting "EMAIL ENCRYPTION FOR THE REST OF US" 13:34 bene all the browser based ones are serving up some javascript pgp-style encryption that lets you do the encryption/decryption in the browser AFAICT 13:35 bene but our ability to verify the javascript that is loaded into our browsers is pretty poor 13:36 bene so the security of all these tools seems suspect to me 13:36 bene maybe they have some clever workaround i haven't grokked 13:39 hydrajump bene: yeah I haven't looked close enough or tested any of them. I'm about to put together a new email server using Haraka and Dovecot. 13:44 bene i hadn't heard of haraka 13:46 hydrajump https://github.com/baudehlo/Haraka 13:46 bene yeah, i googled 13:47 bene i'm pretty comfortable with postfix at this point 13:48 bene weird 13:49 bene if it doesn't do mail storage stuff, then you have to use it with another mail server? 13:54 hydrajump yeah "Haraka makes no attempt to be a mail store (like Exchange or Postix/Exim/Qmail), a LDA, nor an IMAP server (like Dovecot or Courier). Haraka is typically used with such systems." 13:55 hydrajump so instead of Postfix+Dovecot you can do Haraka+Dovecot 14:06 bene can it do deferred delivery? 14:15 bene maybe i'm not understanding what they mean by mail store 14:28 hydrajump bene: I'm not sure I haven't played with it enough. They are super friendly and helpful in #haraka unlike #postfix ;) 19:20 pdurbin that's weird. it's like stopped working 19:20 pdurbin or at least deleting it from my DNS settings helped 19:21 melodie hello! 19:22 pdurbin melodie: hi 19:24 melodie pdurbin I will ask some admin questions here very soon 20:26 melodie what would you use to keep 5 or 6 machines having the same linux distribution, up to date, with a fairly slow internet connection? 20:27 melodie would you use a local repos? Would you use rsync to synce the /var/cache/apt directory between machines? Or something else? 20:27 melodie there is a NAS also on the network 20:28 melodie and supposedly all the machines have the same user apps 20:32 bene https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Apt-Cacher-Server <- i have used this to make a single machine download and cache debs 20:38 melodie bene I look, thank you 20:38 melodie is that supposedly available for linux mint too? 20:40 bene i have never used mint 20:40 melodie ok 20:41 melodie in this sentence: "allowed_hosts=::ffff:" up to which local IP does /24 allows? 20:41 melodie (I don't know to do the math for that) 20:41 bene http://www.aelius.com/njh/subnet_sheet.html 20:43 melodie oh thank you bene 20:44 melodie I don't use mint either, however it's based either on Ubuntu or on Debian, which I will discover in a near future 20:46 melodie hopefully apt-cacher will be available there too